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Hello everybody and welcome back to Everything Hamradio! I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday and didn’t go to wild on Black Friday! Black Friday seems to be all the hype, especially when it is almost Thanksgiving, it is almost sad, because to some degree it seems to over ride the meaning of Thanksgiving. However, there are some awesome deals on pretty much anything. In the past 5-10 years, another major shopping day has developed, Cyber Monday. The Monday following Thanksgiving is reported to be the biggest online shopping day of the year!

This year, I learned of another big time deal day from the people of Main Trading Company in Paris, TX. In one of the emails that they sent out, they talked about Small Business Saturday, which to me is AWESOME! I love shopping at Mom and Pop shops, even though they can sometimes be more expensive. The small business tend to not have the buying power of the major chain stores so sometimes they can’t offer the best prices.

Crazy Promotions

One of the things that small businesses can do that normally the big chains stores can’t is offer some crazy promotions. A few days ago, I got an email from MTC, that said that if they get an inch of more of snow on New Years Day, that anyone that has made a purchase from Nov 27, 2015 through December 23, 2015 will get a full refund on what they bought(See Official Rules Here).

Sound to good to be true? Well, it is true! If you buy a $3000 HF radio, and it SNOWS an inch of more on January 1, 2016, you get a full refund on it. If you buy a $25 antenna, yep you get a refund on that too.

The Catch…

There has to be a catch though right? Well, yea. The catch is that you might have to pay the price of the radio if it doesn’t snow. If it does, you will get a refund for the purchase prices of what you bought. You will not get a refund on things like taxes and shipping. Check out the rules for all things that are required in order to do this, and it isn’t very much. If I could talk my wife into somehow possibly parting with about $350, I would buy me a new radio, or ask for one for Christmas. But with four kids, $350 doesn’t come easy.

So, Who Are They?

Main Trading Company(MTC), is owned and operated by Richard and Christine Lenoir. They started their business in 2009 when Richard lost his job. They started by just selling stuff on Ebay, buying pickup truck loads of surplus electronics and reselling them. They slowly made their way up to a full truck load that was delivered to their home. eventually they outgrew their home and had to rent a place in town. This just exploded from there, and now, four moves later, they have a very nice place(from the pictures I’ve seen) and even have a post office right there in the building. How many amateur radio stores, or any type store can say that? They even have their very own MTC post mark!

I recently talked to Richard over a few email message. At the time he had asked if I had ever bought anything from them? At the time I said no, that I had just learned about them recently on the Fo-Time Podcast(, but after looking at their site, and more specifically their About Us page, I realized that I have met them before. They go to lots of different ham radio conventions and after seeing their picture at Hamcom in 2010, I realized that I have met them. I am terrible with names but faces I remember forever I think.

I remember seeing Richard at Hamcom, in 2010 if I’m not mistaken, and had talked to him a little bit. You know how they say that the first impression is the one that will last the longest. Well, my first impression of Richard was one of a great and honest guy. One that really knew what he was talking about and would go out of his way to help you if at all possible. I like to think of myself as a good judge of character and everything that I have heard from Cale with the Fo-Time Podcast, I’m pretty sure that I’m right.

Is it to late to get a great deal?

Absolutely not. Well, you might not get the cyber Monday deals, depending on when you read this post, but whether you buy it today or next month, you will get the best possible price from anywhere, if it is possible. I have heard that if you find something for cheaper somewhere else, Richard will do his very best to match the price. Granted, he might not be able to because of the whole “Big Chain Store Buying Power” but I’d bet you that he would get close. Also, I don’t know about you, but I would rather buy from someone who will think of me more as a person than just a sale.

So please, go check them out if you are in the market for any new ham gear, or even some other type of gear. They have a lot more than just ham radio stuff. I don’t know if there is a spot for it, but if there is a place to let them know when you heard from them at, Please tell them that you heard about them from Everything Hamradio. I DO NOT get a commission for referring someone, but I would appreciate it if you would, if nothing more than to just help me grow my relationship with them.

Ok, so now that you are done with this post, head on over to the Main Trading Company and check them out and pick up a new radio or something nice for Christmas. Thanks for stopping by today and I hope that you will come back again. If you have not signed up to receive email notifications, please subscribe to my site. Also, please Like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can find links to all my social media pages on the menu at the top of the page under Social.

Until Next Time…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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