Tweeks and Plans


Hello everybody and welcome back to Everything Ham Radio! In my last post, I talked about some of the things that I have been thinking about. As I hope that all of yall know by now, I launched a podcast about 3 weeks ago and it has been going really good. I am really enjoying doing it. One of the things that I have noticed though is that it is getting harder and harder to push myself to write a blog post over doing a podcast episode. I said in my last blog post, that I was thinking about doing one blog post and one podcast episode a week now. I decided to go a little different route. As I have been doing my podcasts, the notes for them have basically just been an outline as to what I was talking about on the podcast, and each episode has, so far, been just a recap of a previous blog post.

The New Plan

Rather than having a recap of something that I have already released, but doing it in podcast format, I am going to do it at the same time. Some things are really hard to get across when you only have audio to do it with, so I am going to do a podcast episode on a topic, then use my blog as a further reading type thing. The blog post will go into further detail of what I talked about on the podcast episode along with maybe some graphical aspects to it. I will still have all the links that I talk about in the podcast episode though.

This will allow me to keep the two blog posts a week, but still have fresh content with my podcast. I am also thinking that I will change my posting schedule to Tuesday for the podcast episode/blog post and Saturday for the second post of the week. I seem to have higher visitor numbers on Saturday than I do on Sunday, so I will try and post the blog post then to reach more people when they are actually on. I will also continue to repost news stuff from different sources. This will fill in the gaps between posts like it has been.

What Else Is In The Works?

The answer to this question is actually two fold. Let’s talk about the blog/podcast first. I have a couple things that I am working on, or at least trying to work on right now. If you were following my blog the last half of last year, you will remember the Technician Class series that I had. At the end of it, I talked about wanting to do basically the same thing for General and Extra as well. This is probably the biggest project that I have in the work. In my technician class series, I basically just went along with Gordon West’s books but did the explanations in my own words. From here on out, I am going to do it differently. I will eventually come back to redoing the Technician class as well. I am hoping to have this out around July 1st, if all goes the way that I want to it.

I am also working revamping several things on my website and my email notifications to make them look a little more professional. I am working on some of the podcast blurbs like the intro and outro or other little sound bites that I can use to make it more uniform as well. All these little things add up and take a lot of time to plan and do so it is really eating into my writing time. If I was able to work on my blog/podcast at home, it might not be as bad, but since I can normally only do it while I’m at work in my downtime, I don’t always have the time that I need.

The second part of this question is more on the personal side of things. I think that I have talked about how my wife and I are buying a new home. We are finally on the homeward stretch! We have all our pre-qualification paperwork gathered and turned in and have our clear conditions letter on our home loan. We have picked out the floor plan and picked all of our options. Last week we signed all the closing paperwork. We have started to prepare our land for the new house. Now we are pretty much just waiting on a delivery date, which will probably be around February 22, 2015, if we are lucky.

Once the house is delivered is when all the fun will begin with moving all of our stuff over to the new house. We are hoping that we can rent one of the big U-Haul trucks and get everything in one swoop even though we are only moving across the county about 25 miles away.

With this all being said, that just means that I have to work extra hard over the next couple weeks to make sure that I still have stuff going out for all of yall to enjoy. So this week I plan on hitting it hard and hopefully getting a couple weeks ahead of my schedule. I know, I said the same thing over the Christmas Holidays when I didn’t put anything out but unfortunately that didn’t happen.


I guess that about wraps up this post for today. I want to thank you for stopping by and reading my post and invite you subscribe to my site to get emails on when I publish a new post or podcast. If you haven’t already, please check out my podcast as well. Please like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. Links to these and all the other social media pages that I have can be found on the menu at the top of the page under Social.

Until next time…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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