What Happened?


That is the question that I have been asking myself all afternoon. Sometime around 2pm today, 5/14/16 the back end of my site stopped responding to things that I was doing. It seemed that the front end was still working as best as I could tell. I checked with my host and everything appeared good on their end, but for some reason, my back end would work worth a flip for me to do anything.

So this has prompted me to push my schedule ahead a little bit. I had planned on revamping my site and add some things that I have been looking into over the past couple weeks about the end of June on my two year anniversary. I changed the theme of my site and it appears to be running a whole lot better. We will see if it continues to do so or not. I am hoping that it will continue to run OK, until I can get everything backed up off my site and maybe end up doing a totally fresh install.

It seems like I just need to do a fresh install on a couple things; my website and my laptop. I did manage to get my podcast episode recorded and uploaded today and it is ready to go live. My podcast will continue to be available, all be it possibly only through podcast form. Access to the show notes might end up be limited.

So until I get this all finished, please have patience with me and stick with me.

Thanks in advanced,

Curtis, K5CLM

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