ETH024 – Field Day 2016 Recap


Hello everybody and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Podcast! In this episode we are going to recap my experience with Field Day 2016, we are going to talk with a couple local hams during Field Day and with a few hours left of Field Day talk about how it is going so far.

My local Field Day station is sponsored by the Johnson County ARES team and is hosted atKen Bush the Johnson County Emergency Operation Center. We ran a 3F station and ran under the call sign of KY5O. At the time of this recording(about 7am on Sunday morning) we had approximately 150 contacts. We had a GOTA station as well and made several contacts on it as well.

For our first interview we talk with Ken Bush, KB5YBI. Ken has been an amateur radio operator for a little over 23 years. He is the Johnson County EC for the ARRL and is one of the major volunteers for the Johnson County, whether is it during a storm or emergency or just helping taking down a tower.
Keith Beucler

In my second interview, we talk with Keith Beucler, KE5AWF. I have known Keith since he was born. Our parents grew up together. I gave Keith his amateur radio test, if memory serves me correctly, and have watched him grow so much since then. Keith has done so much and has such a great foundation in his life that he is going to go far; it makes me proud and jealous all at the same time.



Field Day 2016 - Matt KY5O and son

Field Day 2016
Field Day 2016 Field Day 2016 Field Day 2016 Field Day 2016










NOTE: I recorded the above video as I was leaving the Field Day site Saturday evening. This comes from a periscope broadcast. After watching it, I noticed that the audio and video are not synced up. I contemplated taking it off the post, however, I did not take any still images of the outside. Hopefully it doesn’t bother you too much. My apologies either way!


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Amateur Radio Club Spotlight

Johnson County ARES



  • 4th Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Johnson County Emergency Operations Center located at 810 E Kilpatrick, Cleburne, TX


  • Weekly Training Net – Sundays at 7:30pm on 145.490 PL 88.5


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