ETH043 – CTCSS & DTMF Tones, What is That?


Hello everybody and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Podcast! In this episode we are going to be talking about Tones, we talk about the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club in our amateur radio club spotlight, we talk about some upcoming events/contests and Hamfests for the next two weeks and wrap it up with some news from around the hobby!

Tech Corner – Tones

Amateur Radio Club Spotlight

Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club



  • Fourth Tuesday at 7p at the Newtown Public Library – Community Room, 201 Bishop Hollow Rd, Newtown Square, PA


  • 145.130 – PL 131.8 Paoli Hospital – Linked to the 147.060 & 445.675 Repeaters
  • 147.060 +PL 131.8 Newtown Square – Linked to the 145.130 & 445.675 Repeater
  • 147.360 + PL 131.8 Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, Darby – Linked to the 224.500 & 444.050 Repeaters
  • 224.420 – PL 131.8 Bryn Mawr Hospital
  • 224.500 – PL 131.8 Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, Darby – Linked to the 147.360 & 444.050 Repeaters
  • 444.050 + PL 131.8 Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, Darby – Linked to the 147.360 & 224.500 Repeaters
  • 445.675 – PL 131.8 Paoli Hospital – Linked to the 145.130 & 147.060 Repeaters


  • MARC Club Net – Wednesdays at 8:30PM on the 145.130, 147.060, & 445.675 Repeaters(Linked).


  • Field Day
  • MARC Ham Fest – July 8, 2017
  • Boy Scouts
  • Christmas Party
  • Elmer Program
  • License Testing
  • Breakfast Eyeball QSO – Second Saturday at 0900 – Country Squire, 2560 W. Chester Pike, Broomall, PA
  • Penn Wynne 5k Run
  • 5 Mile Radnor Run
  • Vietnam Veterans Run

Upcoming Events

NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Nov 11
NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Nov 11
WAE DX Contest, RTTY 0000Z, Nov 12 to 2359Z, Nov 13
10-10 Int. Fall Contest, Digital 0001Z, Nov 12 to 2359Z, Nov 13
JIDX Phone Contest 0700Z, Nov 12 to 1300Z, Nov 13
SKCC Weekend Sprintathon 1200Z, Nov 12 to 2400Z, Nov 13
OK/OM DX Contest, CW 1200Z, Nov 12 to 1200Z, Nov 13
Kentucky QSO Party 1400Z, Nov 12 to 0200Z, Nov 13
CQ-WE Contest 1900Z-2300Z, Nov 12 (CW/Digital) and

 0100Z-0500Z, Nov 13 (Phone) and

 1900Z-2300Z, Nov 13 (Phone) and

 0100Z-0500Z, Nov 14 (CW/Digital)

Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Nov 16
CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Nov 16 and

 1900Z-2000Z, Nov 16 and

 0300Z-0400Z, Nov 17

NAQCC CW Sprint 0130Z-0330Z, Nov 17
NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Nov 18
NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Nov 18
YO International PSK31 Contest 1600Z-2200Z, Nov 18
ARRL EME Contest 0000Z, Nov 19 to 2359Z, Nov 20
SARL Field Day Contest 1000Z, Nov 19 to 1000Z, Nov 20
LZ DX Contest 1200Z, Nov 19 to 1200Z, Nov 20
All Austrian 160-Meter Contest 1600Z, Nov 19 to 0700Z, Nov 20
Feld Hell Sprint 1700Z-1859Z, Nov 19
RSGB 2nd 1.8 MHz Contest, CW 1900Z-2300Z, Nov 19
ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB 2100Z, Nov 19 to 0300Z, Nov 21
Homebrew and Oldtime Equipment Party 1300-1500Z, Nov 20 (40m) and

 1500-1700Z, Nov 20 (80m)

Run for the Bacon QRP Contest 0200Z-0400Z, Nov 21
SKCC Sprint 0000Z-0200Z, Nov 23
Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Nov 23
CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Nov 23 and

 1900Z-2000Z, Nov 23 and

 0300Z-0400Z, Nov 24

*Information taken from the WA7BNM Contest Calendar






*Information taken from the ARRL Hamfest Calendar


ARRL President Emeritus Jim Haynie, W5JBP, SK


ARRL President Emeritus Jim Haynie, W5JBP, of Dallas, Texas, died on November 1. He was 73. His death followed a period of ill health. Haynie was elected as the 13th President of ARRL on January 21, 2000, succeeding Rod Stafford, W6ROD (ex-KB6ZV).

“Jim was a remarkable individual who made a huge personal commitment to Amateur Radio and the ARRL,” said ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR. “He had a great sense of humor that was often quite helpful as we addressed some serious matters when Jim was President. His vision guided us to try new things that are still helping Amateur Radio and the League to this day.”

A radio amateur for more than 40 years, Haynie was twice re-elected by the ARRL Board to the ARRL’s top volunteer office, serving until January 2006, when Joel Harrison, W5ZN, succeeded him. Prior to assuming the ARRL presidency, Haynie was ARRL West Gulf Division Director during two different periods — from 1987 until 1990 and from 1997 until 2000, and an ARRL Vice President from 1990 until 1992.

During his 6 years as president, Haynie focused on promoting Amateur Radio in the classroom, and his ARRL Amateur Radio Education Project — which he dubbed the “Big Project” — was an initiative to offer a turnkey Amateur Radio curriculum as well as radio equipment to schools. His project eventually grew into the ARRL Education & Technology Program (ETP).

A gregarious and accessible individual, Haynie was also skilled at promoting Amateur Radio as often as he could, frequently on the road to attend as many ham radio gatherings as he could squeeze into his schedule, including Dayton Hamvention each spring. Once, he was also a guest of Art Bell, W6OBB, on his Coast to Coast AM overnight radio talk show.

On several occasions, Haynie traveled to Washington, DC, to meet with FCC and other government officials and with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to promote Amateur Radio issues and to communicate concerns. Those included the League’s position on deed restrictions or CC&Rs. During his tenure, the Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act and the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Consistency Act — an early bill to address the CC&R issue — were introduced in Congress. In 2003, Haynie testified on Capitol Hill on behalf of the Spectrum Protection Act.

Not long after he became president, Haynie arranged for the gravely injured 13-year-old Willem van Tuijl — shot by pirates while cruising in the South Pacific with his parents Jacco, KH2TD, Jannie, KH2TE, van Tuijl — get medical treatment in the US.

After the 9/11 terror attacks, Haynie rallied radio amateurs to assist, and he praised the actions of Amateur Radio volunteers who turned out in New York City and Washington, DC. “Radio amateurs in New York City and elsewhere around the country are doing everything they can to support the authorities in locating and assisting victims,” he said in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

A few years later, Haynie provided written testimony on Amateur Radio’s response in the Hurricane Katrina disaster to the US House Government Reform Committee.

In 2007, after he had left the presidency, Dayton Hamvention® named Haynie as its Amateur of the Year. Hamvention said Haynie’s League leadership “helped define Amateur Radio’s role in emergency communication.”

Among other highlights of Haynie’s tenure as the League’s president was the signing of a Statement of Affiliation between the Department of Homeland Security in 2003, which made ARRL a Citizen Corps affiliate.

The following year, he headed an ARRL delegation to the White House to discuss concerns about broadband over power line technology, meeting with an official of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

In 2013, the ARRL West Gulf Division honored Haynie with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Service details have not yet been announced.

RSGB Criticizes TV Broadcast Portraying Radio Amateur as “Nightmare Neighbour”


The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has weighed in following the airing of a Channel 5 TV Nightmare Neighbour Next Door episode [the program may have been removed from the website — Ed.] that featured an Amateur Radio operator. In the program, neighbors of 75-year-old Armando Martins, M0PAM, of Kent, made unsubstantiated claims that RF radiating from his 30-foot vertical antenna was detrimental to their health.

“Unfortunately, the RSGB was not invited to be part of Channel 5’s Nightmare Neighbour Next Door programme or to verify any facts,” the RSGB said. “We have, of course, contacted Channel 5 about our concerns and have highlighted the positive aspects of Amateur Radio. We have also offered our expertise and input for future programmes where Amateur Radio is mentioned.”

Channel 5 broadcast the offending episode on October 27, and it drew criticism from radio amateurs across the UK, some of whom may have used a program complaint service form provided by telecommunications regulator Ofcom. Critics complained that the program was replete with false claims and note that Ofcom has never found any problems with Martins’ station.

Martins, a veteran radio amateur, was put off the air in 2010 by the Canterbury City Council after moving into a council house — a form of public housing — and was not allowed to install his antenna in the back garden, although that was more of a zoning issue. He subsequently moved to Kent, where the health claims began.

A radio amateur for more than 60 years, Martins was first licensed as CR6IL in Portuguese West Africa (Angola).

“Our volunteers spend a lot of time helping radio amateurs with planning applications,” the RSGB said. “It is by putting forward facts during those processes that we can help to dispel myths about Amateur Radio and any impact on the public or environment.”

The RSGB said it would let its members know if it receives a response from Channel 5.

National Parks on the Air Update

With just 2 months left in the ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) program, the push for 1 million contacts from eligible NPS units remains strong. November 1 saw the 800,000th contact uploaded to Logbook of the World, breaking 25,000 contacts for the second straight week.

ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, and QST Managing Editor Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY, were interviewed by NPS Ranger Bill Urbin during their September NPOTA activation of Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site (NS14). Video of that interview is available on the ARRL Facebook page.

Thirty-two activations are on tap for November 3-9, including Big Bend National Park in Texas, and Everglades National Park in Florida.

Details about these and other upcoming activations can be found on the NPOTA Activations calendar.

Keep up with the latest NPOTA news on Facebook. Follow NPOTA on Twitter (@ARRL_NPOTA).

Check out episode number 16 for more information about NPOTA.

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