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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Podcast! In this episode we are going to be talking about Tones, we talk about the Newport County Amateur Radio Club from Middletown, RI in our amateur radio club spotlight, we talk about some upcoming events/contests and Hamfests for the next two weeks and wrap it up with some news from around the hobby!

Tech Corner

In todays episode we talk about what some of my future plans are for this podcast. Things like adding some new pages to the site and plans on having shirts and possibly other items that yall will be able to buy.

We talk about an email that I received from Larry Nutt, KM4YPF

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Amateur Radio Club Spotlight

Newport County Amateur Radio Club


The Newport County Amateur Radio Club started in 1945. They have an extensive history on their website as well as some old pictures of members doing various things.

Club History – This is a 17 page pdf that was written by a member. It is a very interesting read!


  • Second Monday of every month at 7:00 PM. (If that Monday happens to be a legal holiday, then the meeting will be held on Tuesday).  Meetings are held at the KVH Manufacturing Facility located at: KVH Industries, 75 Enterprise Drive, Middletown, RI 02842
  • Informal meetings for breakfast every Thursday morning at 8:15 AM. The breakfast place is Chelsea’s Restaurant, 1015 Aquidneck Ave, Middletown, RI.


  • 145.450 – PL 100 Hz FM Analog
  • 145.300 – D-STAR with gateway


  • An informal net convenes every evening at 1900 Monday-Friday and on Sunday Morning at 0815 on 145.450
  • An open D-STAR net linked to Reflector 69C convenes every Tuesday evening at 8 PM on the D*Star repeater, W1AAD, 145.300


  • JOTA
  • Field Day
  • Fox Hunting
  • NCRC Island Activiations
  • DXCC
  • International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekends

Upcoming Events

+ NAQCC CW Sprint 0130Z-0330Z, Nov 17
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Nov 18
+ QRP Fox Hunt 0200Z-0330Z, Nov 18
+ NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Nov 18
+ YO International PSK31 Contest 1600Z-2200Z, Nov 18
+ ARRL EME Contest 0000Z, Nov 19 to 2359Z, Nov 20
+ SARL Field Day Contest 1000Z, Nov 19 to 1000Z, Nov 20
+ LZ DX Contest 1200Z, Nov 19 to 1200Z, Nov 20
+ All Austrian 160-Meter Contest 1600Z, Nov 19 to 0700Z, Nov 20
+ Feld Hell Sprint 1700Z-1859Z, Nov 19
+ RSGB 2nd 1.8 MHz Contest, CW 1900Z-2300Z, Nov 19
+ ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB 2100Z, Nov 19 to 0300Z, Nov 21
+ Homebrew and Oldtime Equipment Party 1300-1500Z, Nov 20 (40m) and

 1500-1700Z, Nov 20 (80m)

+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest 0200Z-0400Z, Nov 21
+ SKCC Sprint 0000Z-0200Z, Nov 23
+ Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Nov 23
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Nov 23 and

 1900Z-2000Z, Nov 23 and

 0300Z-0400Z, Nov 24

+ RSGB 80m Club Sprint, CW 2000Z-2100Z, Nov 24
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Nov 25
+ NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Nov 25
+ CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW 0000Z, Nov 26 to 2400Z, Nov 27
+ QRP Fox Hunt 0200Z-0330Z, Nov 30
+ Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Nov 30
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Nov 30 and

 1900Z-2000Z, Nov 30 and

 0300Z-0400Z, Dec 1

+ UKEICC 80m Contest 2000Z-2100Z, Nov 30

*Information taken from the WA7BNM Contest Calendar






*Information taken from the ARRL Hamfest Calendar


Two Radio Amateurs Set to Join ISS Crew


Astronauts Peggy Whitson, KC5ZTD, and Thomas Pesquet, KG5FYG, and Cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy will head into space on November 17 for a 6-month stay aboard the International Space Station. NASA Television coverage will begin at 1730 UTC on November 16. The launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan will be at 1820 UTC on November 17.

It will take the Expedition 50/51  crew members 2 days to reach the ISS in their Soyuz vehicle.

Welcoming the new crew increment will be Expedition 50 Commander Shane Kimbrough, KE5HOD, and crew members Sergey Ryzhikov and Andrey Borisenko, who have been aboard the complex since October.

Whitson will become the first woman to command the space station twice. Her first tenure as commander was in 2007, when she became the first woman to hold this post. The crew is scheduled to return to Earth next spring. — Thanks to NASA

Chinese Students’ FM Transponder Satellite Launched

“Dream 1” (CAS-2T), a “technical verification satellite” for the CAMSAT CAS-2 series of Amateur Radio satellites, was launched on November 9 on board a Long March CZ-11 rocket.

Developed by middle school students with the support of China’s Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the Science and Technology Museum, and the Eastern Highlands Qian Youth Space Sciences Organization, the 2U CubeSat carries a ham radio 145/435 MHz FM transponder.

CAS-2T will not separate from the final stage of its launcher rocket, so the orbital life may be just 10 to 30 days before the final stage of the rocket re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.

CW telemetry beacon: 435.710 MHz. Transponder uplink: 145.925 MHz FM. Transponder downlink: 435.615 MHz — thanks to Alan Kung, BA1DU

Houston, We Have a Problem!

As many in the Texas area know, Houston Amateur Radio Supply is no more. My thinking is that in a city with that many hams, there needs to be a store. A full line store with all brands and models in stock and ready to sell. At least that is what I think. We have been receiving a few emails and phone calls from folks wanting us to look into it. Folks have been asking us for years now to put a store in that area.

Well, We have been looking into it. It seems there is a little interest there but we want to hear from the hams of the area. Would you like to see us put a store in there?  I was there last week. If we were to move forward with this, it would be very soon but we don’t want to do anything until we hear from the hams in the area. This would be a huge move for us. It would be a major undertaking. Our plan is for a second location. I would have to spend a lot of time there. It will mean lots of hard work, long hours and dedication on our part to bring you a first class store in Houston. It will be a major sacrifice yall on us and our families. It is three hundred miles away. We do have a plan. We are really looking at putting out this kind of investment in the Ham community there but we want to make sure the locals are on board before we proceed any further. We have sent out a few emails to a few of our customers and friends in the area asking what they thought. It seems there will be no way to make everyone happy as far as a location. Houston is huge. There are more hams in Houston than there are people in the city of Paris Texas. I know that this may seem a little unprofessional but we always try and keep our customers abreast of what is going on here. We want you to know us and who we are. We are mom and pop and that is who we will be there in Houston as well. Will MTC, our company,  thrive there as it does here in the small town of Paris Texas?  So what do you think? Do you live in the Houston Texas Area? Do you want a ham radio store there? Would you support the store if we had it there? This is a major decision for our families here. Please take a few minutes to complete a very short survey and send us your very honest comments. We want to do this but we want to hear from you first. We cant do it without your support.

Click Here for the survey


Thank You
Richard Lenoir-Owner
Main Trading Company


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