ETH051 – We Made It To One Year!!


Hello everybody and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Podcast! We made it to one year, well almost, this coming Sunday, Jan 15, will be the one year anniversary of this podcast! Before we get started in todays show, I would like to thank each and every one of yall that listen to my podcast. Yall are the reason that I do this. I thank you listening, for sharing, and supporting me either mentally or financially! In this episode we are going to be talking about everything we have done over the past year, we talk about the Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club in our amateur radio club spotlight, we talk about some upcoming events/contests and hamfests over the next two weeks and wrap it up with some news from around the hobby!

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I would like to thank George Zafiropoulos, KJ6VU with, Dan Romanchik, KB6NU and Scott Davis, N3FJP for donating items for give-away prizes for this episode.



Tech Corner – Year In Review

Last episode we had a major milestone by reaching episode #50, this week we are coming up on one year in podcasting! I thought we would take this episode to look back on the past year. There were lots of struggles but also a lot of victories.

Top 10 Episode Downloads

Episode Title Downloads
1. ETH028 – Mobile Installations 1,899
2. ETH041 – Morse Code 1,661
3. ETH033 – Echolink 1,621
4. ETH043 – CTCSS & DTMF, What is That? 1,605
5. ETH029 – Hamnet Mesh Networks 1,545
6. ETH036 – Don’t Skimp on the Coax 1,411
7. ETH034 – The Parrot of Amateur Radio 1,292
8. ETH042 – Propagation 1,265
9. ETH040 – Batteries 1,262
10. ETH045 – Being A Net Control 1,239
** NOTE: Download totals as of 01/07/2017

Some of the above rankings doesn’t surprise me in the least, some of the others kind of do, and even more so, I’m surprised that some of the older episodes are higher on my list than they are. Then again, I just realized about a week ago that yall were only seeing my last 10 episodes on my feed. I hope that have that issue fixed now

We have talked about so many different things over the past year everything from Packet to Youth to YLs to Fox Hunting to SOTA and NPOTA. Some have been good episodes, some of them probably not so much but it has been fun all the while.

We have had several things that we have given out as gifts to all of yall my wonderful listeners. Thanks to George with Packtenna for my first giveaway, Gigaparts for a couple items as well as some discount codes. Now here we are, just passed episode 50 and we are giving away several items in this episode thanks to some awesome people!

Episode List

ETH000 – About Me
ETH001 – DStar
ETH002 – Yaesu System Fusion
ETH003 – Project 25
ETH004 – Digital Mode Radio
ETH005 – VHF/UHF Packet
ETH006 – Automatic Packet Reporting System(APRS)
ETH007 – Computers In Your Shack
ETH008 – Small Computers
ETH009 – Emergency Training
ETH010 – Emergency Preparedness
ETH011 – Go-Packs
ETH012 – Nets
ETH013 – National Traffic System(NTS)
ETH014 – High Frequency(HF)
ETH015 – DXing
ETH016 – National Parks on the Air(NPOTA)
ETH017 – Summits on the Air
ETH018 – Special Event Stations
ETH019 – Awards
ETH020 – Contesting
ETH021 – Field Day
ETH022 – Emergency Power
ETH023 – Portable Stations
ETH024 – Field Day 2016 Recap Http://
ETH025 – Fox Hunting Http://
ETH026 – Youth In Amateur Radio
ETH027 – Hams With Disabilities
ETH028 – Mobile Radio Installation
ETH029 – Broadband Hamnet
ETH030 – Something Different
ETH031 – YL View on Amateur Radio
ETH032 – What is Going On Lately?!
ETH033 – Echolink
ETH034 – Repeaters
ETH035 – Elmers, Are You Doing Your Part?
ETH036 – Don’t Skimp on the Coax
ETH037 – We Have The Power
ETH038 – Can You Hear Me Now? The RST Reporting System
ETH039 – Jamboree On The Air(JOTA)
ETH040 – Batteries
ETH041 – CW
ETH042 – Propogation
ETH043 – CTCSS & DTMF, What Is It
ETH044 – Future Plans and General Discussion
ETH045 – How to be a Net Control
ETH046 – Skywarn
ETH049 – Merry Christmas!
ETH050 – Winter Field Day

West Mountain Radio

I would like to welcome my first podcast sponsor, West Mountain Radio! For those of you that don’t know who they are, they make some awesome equipment that I have had the pleasure of using over the past 15 or so years. They make several pieces of equipment that are so well built and are so useful. Things like the RIGBlaster, RIGrunner and the DC-to-Go Boxes. I talked a little bit about the RIGblaster in my last episode and I’ve talked about the RIGrunner several times in previous episode but today I wanted to tell y’all about their DC-to-Go Boxes.

These are neat cases that you can put a battery in to protect your station’s floor from an unfortunate battery accident, however, they are so much more than that as well. These boxes have a Super PWRgate PG40 and a RIGrunner 4007U or 4008 built into them as well.

The PWRgate provides you an uninterruptible power supply in case you lose AC power it will automatically switch to the battery in the box. This is a perfect solution for a repeater backup and/or event like the upcoming Winter Field Day!

The RIGrunner 4008 provides you with 40 amps of D.C. Power plug over 8 slots while the 4007u gives you 40 amps across 7 slots but it has some extra feature like a digital load meter and USB charging port as well as a solid state push button on/off switch and an automatic shutoff for high or low voltages!

Both of these are mounted to the side of the battery box. All you have to do is drop a battery inside and hook up the leads and you are ready to roll!!

Here are the links for the premade versions of the DC-to-Go boxes. It you can also Custom make one to your own choices!


Amateur Radio Club Spotlight

Maple Valley ARC Logo

Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club







  • Analog Voice on 2M FM (KF7NPL)147.260MHz +PL 103.5Hz
    • IRLP (Node 3615) and Echolink (KF7NPL-R)
  • D-Star Digital Voice on 70CM (KF7NPL_B) 442.675MHz +


  • MVARC holds a weekly social net on simplex and on the Maple Valley Repeater. The net starts at 2000 hours local time, Tuesday nights, on the repeater on 147.260+ (103.5). After the first round we switch to 146.540 simplex.



Upcoming Events

AWA Linc Cundall Memorial CW Contest 2300Z, Jan 11 to 2300Z, Jan 12 and

2300Z, Jan 14 to 2300Z, Jan 15

Old New Year Contest 0500Z-0900Z, Jan 14
UBA PSK63 Prefix Contest 1200Z, Jan 14 to 1200Z, Jan 15
North American QSO Party, CW 1800Z, Jan 14 to 0559Z, Jan 15
NRAU-Baltic Contest, SSB 0630Z-0830Z, Jan 15
NRAU-Baltic Contest, CW 0900Z-1100Z, Jan 15
Run for the Bacon QRP Contest 0200Z-0400Z, Jan 16
LZ Open Contest 1800Z-2200Z, Jan 20
Hungarian DX Contest 1200Z, Jan 21 to 1159Z, Jan 22
North American QSO Party, SSB 1800Z, Jan 21 to 0559Z, Jan 22
WAB 1.8 MHz Phone 1900Z-2300Z, Jan 21
ARRL January VHF Contest 1900Z, Jan 21 to 0359Z, Jan 23
Feld Hell Sprint 2000Z-2359Z, Jan 21 (EU/AF) and 2300Z, Jan 21 to 0259Z, Jan 22 (ENA/ESA) and 0200Z-0559Z, Jan 22 (WNA/AS/OC)
SKCC Sprint 0000Z-0200Z, Jan 25


*Information taken from the WA7BNM Contest Calendar








*Information taken from the ARRL Hamfest Calendar


Tickets Now Available for Dayton DX, Top Band, and Contest Dinners


Dayton Ohio viewTickets are now available to the 2017 DX Dinner, Top Band Dinner, and Contest Dinner, and held in conjunction with Hamvention® in May.

The 32nd annual DX Dinner, sponsored by the SouthWest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA), will be held on Friday, May 19, at the Dayton Marriott, 1414 South Patterson Boulevard, Dayton, starting with a social hour at 5:30 PM and dinner at 7 PM. The DXpedition of the Year® will be announced. Tickets for the DX Dinner are available via the SWODXA website (click on the “Purchase Tickets Today!” banner in the upper right-hand corner).

Tickets are also now available for the 28th annual Dayton Top Band Dinner, which takes place on Friday, May 19, at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Dayton, starting with a social hour at 6:15 PM and dinner at 7 PM.

The 25th annual Contest Dinner will take place on Saturday, May 20, at the Crowne Plaza — home of the Contest Super Suite. The dinner event begins with a social hour at 5:30 PM, with dinner to follow at 6:30 PM. The event is sponsored by the North Coast Contesters. Tickets are available online. John Dorr, K1AR, will be the master of ceremonies, and elite contester Tim Duffy, K3LR, will be a speaker. No tickets will be available at the door.

President Obama Renominates FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel


Jessica RosenworcelPresident Barack Obama has renominated FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat, for a new term. She joined the FCC in 2012. Her renomination last fall failed to gain Senate approval before adjournment, and it had been thought that Rosenworcel would depart the Commission by the end of 2016.

With FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler stepping down on January 20, the FCC will be left with two Republicans — Ajit Pai and Michael O’Rielly — and, unless Rosenworcel is confirmed, one Democrat — Mignon Clyburn, whose term ends in mid-2017. The FCC can have up to five commissioners, and no more than three may belong to the same political party.

Wheeler applauded Rosenworcel’s reappointment and said he hoped Congress would “act quickly to confirm her nomination.” With President Obama leaving office in 2 weeks, however, the Rosenworcel nomination is expected to draw opposition from Republican leaders.

Boy Scouts’ Radio Merit Badge Requirements to Include Amateur Radio Direction Finding Option


Radio merit badge BSA[UPDATED 2017-01-07 @ 1522 UTC] The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have updated the requirements for the Radio Merit Badge for 2017. A new option for the Radio Merit Badge is Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF). ARRL ARDF Coordinator Joe Moell, K0OV, said he’s “really excited” about the move, and he credited Jamboree on the Air Coordinator (JOTA) and K2BSA trustee Jim Wilson, K5ND, with being the “spark plug” behind the ARDF addition.

“Jim visited a training session at the USA ARDF Championships in Texas last April and realized what an excellent activity that on-foot hidden transmitter hunting can be for Scouts,” Moell recounted. “Working with Brian Coleman, KB0MAP, Jim authored the new ARDF Radio Merit Badge syllabus, which was then reviewed by several leaders of US ARDF community.”

A first draft of the new merit badge pamphlet is anticipated later this month or in early February, with formal publication expected late this year. Moell said the new merit badge requirements, effective on January 1, come in time for the July 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, where an ARDF course and equipment will be available to Scouts of all ages. ARDF already has a role in JOTA. The Radio Merit Badge ARDF option combines orienteering and foxhunting and opens a new interactive component to this program.

New Radio Merit Badge requirements include cellular telephones and different types of radio modulation. Key requirement being dropped from the Radio Merit Badge include open, closed, and short circuits, as well as schematic symbols and components, because these are covered in the Electricity and Electronics Merit Badges.

The BSA also made some minor editorial changes and reordered requirements for the Amateur Radio option. The radio broadcasting option now includes Internet streaming, regulations and power levels. A medium-wave and shortwave listening option includes both types of listening, as well as listening via streaming services on a smart phone.

The BSA has posted a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Scouts are encouraged to follow the new requirements, although the guidelines may allow use of the previous requirements in some cases.


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