Another Hamvention Is In The Bag!


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Another Hamvention is in the books!

Being at a new venue this year, it is totally understandable that there were some hiccups. I have heard people say that there seemed to be more people there this year so I’m really interested in hearing what the final count was.

I saw some of the live webcast that was on where someone was walking through the flea market areas, it looked very organized but very muddy because of a rain the night before. The guys with Hamradio 360 actually had to abandon their two booths that they had and move to another one that one of their sponsors had and was kind enough to let them use because of a “mud slide”.

I heard a lot of people say on different webcasts and/or podcasts say that the new venue was nice but different. On one of the Hamradio 360 day review episodes I heard Jeremy say that people were constantly asking him where a certain vendor was. Like them, though, a lot of times he said that he didn’t know for sure, if it was Hara, then he could tell them exactly, but not there. I wonder if one of the things that DARA will do differently next year is maybe a better map or maybe some signs or something, at least if they didn’t have them this year.

Of course change is hard though…

I’m sure the guys at DARA are going to have a debriefing and figure out the kinks and issues that they noticed or was told about over the next few months. One of the major things that I heard about was the traffic issue, but that is to be expected when you have only a few roads in and an estimated 35,000 people invade a small area.

I’ll be curious to see what changes that are going to be made for next years Hamvention. Will they do something else with the outdoor flea market or the “Tent” buildings? Will they limit the vendor spots to just the inside buildings? Maybe they will just keep it pretty much as is and hope for better weather next year. If memory serves me correctly, it rains pretty much every year during Hamvention.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what what DARA says in a few weeks or months. Maybe in a few month we can have an interview with someone from Dara about all this.

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