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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Podcast! In this episode we are going to talk with Rob Suggs, KB5EZ, about NASA On The Air or NOTA for short.

Tech Corner – NASA On The Air(NOTA)

From the NOTA Website:

2018 is a big year for NASA anniversaries and we’d like for you to help us celebrate. NASA was created in 1958, the first manned lunar mission was in 1968, and the first elements of the International Space Station (ISS) were launched in 1998. The club stations at the various NASA centers and facilities plan to be on the air with special events to celebrate these milestones and some may be offering commemorative QSL cards. There will be a special certificate indicating how many centers you worked on various bands and modes that may be downloaded. QSL instructions are available on the QRZ.COM site for each individual club station. We plan to have a web-based system for you to check your points total and download a certificate at the end of the event in December 2018. Points will be awarded for each center worked on each band and mode (phone, CW, digital).

The event will run from December 2017 through December 2018 with the following key dates:

  • Apollo 17 45th anniversary – 11-14 December 2017, beginning of event
  • NASA founded 60th anniversary (act signed by President Eisenhower) – 29 July 1958
  • ISS First Element Launch 20th anniversary – 20 November 1998
  • ISS Node 1 Launch 20th anniversary – 4 December 1998
  • 50th anniversary of Apollo 8 – launch 21 December 1968, splashdown 27 December, end of event

Note that there may be other special event operations by the various centers commemorating specific events but those listed above will include participation from all the centers. All operating modes are fair game including satellites, repeaters, EME, ISS APRS, etc. We hope to be on the air for casual contacts and contests as well.

Runs from Dec 11 0000 utc Dec 27, 2018

NOTA Stations

Center/Facility Designator Call Sign State
Ames Research Center ARC NA6MF California
Armstrong Flight Research Center AFRC NA6SA California
Glenn Research Center GRC NA8SA Ohio
Goddard Space Flight Center GSFC WA3NAN Maryland
International Space Station ISS NA1SS, etc. Earth orbit
Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL W6VIO California
Johnson Space Center JSC W5RRR Texas
Kennedy Space Center KSC N1KSC Florida
Langley Research Center LARC KG4NJA Virginia
Marshall Space Flight Center MSFC NN4SA Alabama
Stennis Space Center SSC TBD Mississippi
Wallops Flight Facility WFF W4WFF Virginia
White Sands Complex WSC N5BL New Mexico


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