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Hello again and thanks for checking back in with my blog. The topic of today is Community Service. Ham radio has very strong ties to community service.

One of the major ways that ham radio is used for community service is during times of natural disaster. Often times when a hurricane hits land, a tornado destroys a long path of an area or when a fire rages out of control, ham radio is there to help. More often than not phone lines are down or congested by people trying to call out. Ham radio is used for everything from helping disaster relief personnel get messages from one place to another to getting messages from people that were affected by the disaster to love ones outside the area. The club that I belong to and am currently vice president of, Texas Adventist Emergency Communications(TAEC, was born because of this exact reason. The Adventist Disaster Relief organization was down at the Houston flooding back in 1994 giving out clothing to those who needed help. During the first month of that response, they racked up over $2,000 in cell phone usage. It wouldve been more but a lot of the time, they couldnt get a call out because the system was overloaded.

Many hamradio clubs also help out with local events such as bike races, walk-a-thons or parades. We help with searches for missing people. The ham radio community as a whole does alot of different types of community service. If you like helping people, hamradio is a good way to do that.

Sorry for the late post, I meant to have this post up on Sunday but real life got in the way and I got busy. If you like what has been talked about on my blog so far, please bookmark my blog to get updates on new posts, and please share my blog with yout friends, both ham and non ham alike. Thanks everybody and have a great day!

73 de K5CLM

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