Technician Class Series – Introduction


Hello everybody and welcome back! Starting this Sunday I will be starting a series covering the Technician Question Pool. I will be posting it on Sundays and will be posting other topics on Wednesdays and Fridays. This series will be following the Technician Class study book written by Gordon West, WB6NOA, with Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ. By following it, I mean the structure of it, not the explanations that they give after each question.

Here is the schedule of the Technician Class Series:

July 19 – About Ham Radio
July 26 – Callsigns
Aug 2 – Control
Aug 9 – Mind the Rules
Aug 16 – Technician Frequencies
Aug 23 – Your  First Radio
Aug 30 – Going Solo – Your First Amateur Radio Transmission
Sep 6 – Repeaters
Sep 13 – Emergency!
Sep 20 – Weak Signal Propagation
Oct 4 – Talk to Outer Space
Oct 11 – Your Computer Goes Ham Digital
Oct 18 – Multi-Mode Radio Excitement
Oct 25 – Run Some Interference Protection
Nov 1 – Electrons – Go With The Flow
Nov 8 – It’s The Law – Per Mr OHM
Nov 15 – Picture This!
Nov 22 – Antennas
Nov 29 – Feed Me With Some Good Coax
Dec 6 – Safety First!
Dec 13 – Wrapping it all up – Conclusion

I really love the way that Gordon and Eric wrote the question pool section of this book. Rather than staying strictly with the way that the question pool is laid out, they took all the questions and grouped all questions that cover the same topic all together.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Technician Class Study Book by Gordon West and Eric P. Nichols, you can click on the link below and buy it from

I hope that everyone gets at least a little bit out of this series. After this series is finished, I am going to be doing another series on both the General and Extra Class license. I thank each and everyone for coming to my blog. Please share my blog with your friends, subscribe to it via email or RSS Feed. If you have not liked my Facebook page, please do so and/or follow me on Twitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn.

Until next time…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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