New Host…


Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog. This will just be a quick post to let everyone know that I finally got a new host for my blog. Unfortunately, none of the users or subscribers migrated over so, If you try and log in and you can’t that is why and please reregister. I have not launched the new site yet, I have been working on getting it ready, but it is not quite there yet, so I went ahead and published this post to get it out there before it was to late in the evening. Hopefully, this site stays up to let everyone read it.

I have also changed the domain to my site, however, this one will remain. I changed from a .us to a .com domain so either of them will work once I launch the new site. I hope to get it up in the next couple days. I am still trying to decide if I am going to revamp the look of it as well since I am changing the host and the domain but I haven’t decided yet. So if you look at this page and it looks different or you notice a .com at the end of it, you will know that I have launched the new site.

All the comments and posts migrated just fine so nothing of that will be lost, including this one and the latest Technician Class Series Post. Thanks for your patience during this change over

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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