The Other Shoe Dropped by the FCC Enforcement Bureau


Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog! I hope that everyone is liking the new look of my site as much as I do. The past few days I have been doing a lot of reading and research, looking for this to write about, etc. One of the things that I noticed is a new enforcement notification on a ham radio operator getting fined. I remember several years ago, these kind of things were a rarity, or at least I didn’t hear about them to often.

After seeing the latest one, I decided to dig a little further back and see what all I had gotten over the past few months. I noticed that there were three different notifications about things like this. The latest being a Cincinnati, Ohio ham, Daniel R. Hicks, that is facing a proposed $8,000 fine from the FCC, $7,000 being for causing malicious interference and $1,000 for failing to identify.

It seems that he had become “increasingly vile over time” according to what local members had told the Greater Cincinnati Local Interference Committee. This case is kind of like what you would see on Criminal Minds or something. The unsub tries to inject himself into an investigation. Well that is what this guy did too.

When the FCC first came to look for the malicious interference source, they advised the local amateur radio club to try and get some assistance. Well, Mr. Hicks, was one of the people that volunteered to help locating the interference. Needless to say they were not able to locate it.

A few months and several complaints later, the FCC sent someone out again, this time not announcing the visit and manage to track the signal to his home and listened to him on the radio for about an hour. The statement said that he had a recording that would play and identify with another persons call sign.

Read the full release at:

Now rewind about a month and there was actually two separate notifications sent out two days apart. The first one being a doozy! It seems that Michael Guernsey, KZ8O from Parchment, Michigan has not been very nice for about a year now.

A year ago, the FCC proposed a $22,000 fine again him and now a year later they are “dropping the other shoe”  and imposing the full fine against him. The guy tried to say first that it wasn’t him, then later claimed financial inability to pay for it. All the while, he kept in doing what he was doing. He would play music, talk and make animal sounds over people that were trying to talk. I say he got what he had coming! If he wants to do crap like that he needs to go to  CB or something and get the heck off our frequencies!

In the same notification, but in a separate incident, the FCC proposed a$11,500 fine against Brian Crow, K3VR of North Huntingdon, PA for the same thing!! This guy, however, didn’t even respond to the FCC’s notice!

Read the full release at:

Two days before the above notice went out another one went out, this one is against David Tolassi, W4BHV of Georgia! This guy was only failing to ID on his transmissions. The FCC proposed a $16,000 fine against him, but ended up settling on $1,000! This guy got lucky! He has an extensive history with the FCC Enforcement Bureau. He was lucky enough to have his license renewed the last time but had a limitation put on it that stated he couldn’t talk on 20m for three years!

Read the full release at:

I don’t understand some people! Why do they have to do crap like this? If you are upset with a certain person or group of people, take it up with them, don’t do something like this…

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Until next time…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM


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