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Hello everybody and welcome back to Everything Hamradio! I had planned on writing about how to renew your license, like I mentioned in the last post, however, at the time of this writing the ULS is still down so I will put that up on Saturday. Instead I am going to talk about something else that is near and dear to my heart. I love working with children. Over the years I have been a counselor for my churches youth organization and have assisted in vacation bible schools and a lot of different things. I have helped license many teenagers from about 12-18.

Even though, I have never been in the boy scouts, they are basically the same thing that my church has, only they are called Pathfinders, but it is basically the same concept. Through my many years of community service as a ham radio operator, I have had the privilege to help out at a boy scout camp where we setup a station; I don’t remember if it was the Jamboree On the Air or not, but it was fun none the less.

This years Jamboree On The Air is coming up real soon so I thought I would mention something about it on here. Here is the post from the ARRL website on this years JOTA/JOTI:


Worldwide station registration is open for the 2015 Boy Scouts Jamboree On The Air/Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA/JOTI), which will take place over the October 16-18 weekend. Registration requires a scout.org user name, which gives full access to the registration system as well as to many of the JOTA/JOTI activities that will be under way during the weekend. JOTA is aimed at fosteringScout-to-Scout communication across borders and is the largest Scouting event in the world, with upward of 750,000 Scouts participating from some 6000 stations in 150 countries. In the US 13,326 Scouts and visitors took part in JOTA 2014.

Registration will also provide everything needed to take part in JamPuz (short for “Jamboree Puzzle), an identity code that JOTA/JOTI participants exchange with one another. Required JID codes will not be issued until later in September, and participation in JamPuz is optional.

The Boy Scouts encourage participating stations to submit JOTA reports and photos following this fall’s event.

“We need your report to demonstrate the success of JOTA to those in Scouting and Amateur Radio,” said Jim Wilson, K5ND, the national JOTA organizer. He asks stations to note down the number of Scouts participating, Amateur Radio licensees, and radios on the air, as well as the total number of contacts and states and countries contacted.

“We would also like to see your best photos and hear some stories about your event,” Wilson said. He urged local JOTA team organizers to add these tasks to their “to-do” lists.

The K2BSA call sign will be in use for JOTA in nearly every US call district as well as from KH6 and KL7. As of September 1, only K2BSA/1 remained available. Wilson suggested that JOTA groups may want to consider obtaining a 1 × 1special event call sign for their operations.

The 2015 JOTA patch is expected to be available for ordering from BSA Supplystarting on or about September 17. The order number is 622541. (The JOTI patch will be available at the same time. Its order number is 622542.)

The 2015 event will mark the 58th JOTA, which is held each year on the third weekend in October.

I’m sure there is a boy scout troop in your area that could use some help in this area. I know there is one close to where I live that has been asking for assistance during this years JOTA/JOTI. Unfortunately, I have to work at my day job since this blog isn’t “Bringing home the bacon” yet.

If you would like to learn more about the Boy Scouts, or JOTA/JOTA, click on the links.

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Until next time…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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