Where oh Where Will My Dayton HamVention Be?


Hello everybody and welcome back to Everything Hamradio! If you do even a small bit of the news scouring that I do, you might have seen a couple articles posted about the future of the Dayton HamVention next year. The first place that I saw the story was on the WHIO.com on Oct 2nd, a local news station. In this news story they explain why it could be moving. It seems that the convention center where the Dayton HamVention is hosted every year is having some financial trouble. The chairman of the Dayton Amateur Radio Association seems to be pretty adamant that it is going to stay in Dayton.

Dayton Hamvention - N8LFP, Bill Porter
Dayton Hamvention – Picture by N8LFP, Bill Porter

I have heard many people that have gone there that it is a really large amateur radio convention and that there is lots of stuff there. On the down side of some of the things that I have heard is that the convention center is OLD! From the pictures that I see pretty much every year, it is taken from what looks like the same place every year and it looks so small to me and it doesn’t really look very inviting. All this being sad, I have never been there myself. Dayton is just a little…ok a lot…to far for me to go to on my limited budget. I would probably spend all my money on gas and lodging coming and going and not have anything left to spend on radios. Maybe one day…

I would really like to go to one, but it probably won’t ever happen. I’ve seen someone make a comment somewhere that I was reading about this and they suggested having it “move around the country since it is the largest ham radio convention.” My only thing about this is, why move it around? Support your local hamfest! Here in Texas there are a couple large ones, HamCom being one of them that happens in June every year and Belton Hamfest is another that actually just happened and I totally missed it. Not that I could’ve gotten off work to go to it nor that I had any money to spend if I did, but…

So what prompted all this? The story that was news story that aired on the local news channel, WHIO, and followed up the next day by a story in the Dayton Daily News. It seems like the news station got a copy of an email that was sent from the Director of Marketing about the financial state of the complex, from what I understand. It seems like the owners have been working with a company to revamp the convention center, but with some financial problems one of the options that were given was that they approach the city of Trotwood to buy the facility, but the city rejected it.

The organization that sponsors the Dayton Hamvention commits that the Hamvention will be at Dayton again next year, but they are looking at other venues as a plan B in case something does happen, and this is not the first time that they have looked at a plan B option. Personally, I think that this is just good business practice to have a plan B. You never know what might happen, especially when the planning for such an event probably starts the day after the event ends, if not sooner.

In Conclusion

Is Dayton going to be somewhere else next year? More than likely, no. Does DARA, the sponsors of Dayton, have a back up plan just in case? Yes and why shouldn’t they. Every year the Hamvention brings in millions of dollars into the local economy and thousands upon thousands of visitors to the area. Last year there was over 25,000 hams and probably some non-hams that visited Dayton and I’m sure next year there will be just as much if not more.

The Dayton Hamvention is scheduled for May 20, 21, and 22 of 2016. Will you be there?

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Until next time…
73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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