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Hello everybody and welcome back to Everything Hamradio. About a month ago, I sat down one day and really dove into my plans for this year. I made my article schedule for the first quarter of 2016, and I vowed to start a podcast. I thought, “I can post two posts a week on my blog and then publish a podcast every other week.” So I dove into planning, and got everything planned out, or so I thought. There was a couple of articles that I had planned that were not really needed because of the way that I wrote the article before and another that just didn’t really fit with the way that I had planned it to. So now, here I sit, trying to replan parts of my first quarter.

On top of doing this, after recording four episodes of my new podcast, I have come to the realization that my plans for it needed to change a little bit two. When I originally planned my stuff on my podcast, I had planned on using the basic plan at which is $5 a month for 50 meg upload a month. I thought that as long as I kept my podcast episodes below 30 minutes that I would be fine with doing just two episodes a month.

Two of my assumptions were wrong.

The first assumption that I made was that I could talk about everything that I wanted to talk about in 30 minutes with the way that I had my episodes planned out. All but my first episode, episode 0, the About Me episode, I’ve had to cut things out that I planned to, or totally rerecord it after my first take. Let me back up a little bit; if you have listened to episode 0, you heard how I explained what my plans were for each episode. I wanted to break it up into three segments. Segment one was all about the training, segment 2 was going to be an Amateur radio club spotlight and segment 3 would be recent news and my thoughts about it. I figured 10-12 minutes on segment 1, 8-10 minutes on segment 2 and then another 10ish minutes on the last segment. Doesn’t sound to unrealistic, does it?

So when I recorded episode one, the first segment ended up being about forty minutes long. The First Segment only!! Needless to say, I had to rerecord it and cut out some of the things that I talked about. The second take of the episode was a lot better, even though I had to drop a story that I had planned on talking about, the episode ended up being about 32 minutes.

Episode 2, I did better and only had to do one take and somehow managed to end it, without trying to, at exactly 30 minutes in length! It will probably never happen again, but hey that’s OK.

Now we go on to Episode 3 that will be released next Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016. I had originally planned on talking about both Project 25 and Digital Mode Radio in one episode so that I could keep up with my blog posts. So I take off recording this morning and again, segment 1 ended at about 35-40 minutes. Unfortunately, this time I couldn’t drop some of the things that I talked about in each, I decided to just talk about Project 25 for this episode.

So what to do now?

Now I ask myself, do I want to wait another two and a half weeks before my next scheduled episode comes out and really be behind my blog or do I do something more drastic and go to a weekly podcast. Above I said I had two wrong assumptions, and you probably noticed that I haven’t talked about the second one yet. Well, here it is. My second wrong assumption was that 50 meg a month would be enough transfer space for me to have two episodes a month. The answer to that question is, no, not really. If I planned on continuing to have 30 minutes episodes, then I was going to have to upgrade to the next step at $15 a month which gave me 250 meg transfer a month. This leaves me with the option to do more than just two episodes a month or go to a weekly podcast. I am currently leaning towards the weekly podcast, but I would really like to know what you, my readings/listeners, think. Should I goto a weekly podcast? Please leave a comment below and let me know.

I am having a lot more fun that I had originally thought I would have making these podcast episodes. I wish I would’ve started doing one sooner. I find it so much easier to do than to write down my thoughts in a blog post. Most of the time it takes me a few hours to write a proper blog post, one that isn’t just a short little 250-500 words post. By proper I mean one that will actually tell you a story or teach you something. For this it normally takes a minimum of 1000 words. Just to give you an idea of the length of what 1000 words is. The word “the” is word 847. All of this post could easily fit into about 10-15 minutes on a podcast episode that would take me about 10-15 minutes to record, instead of a couple of hours to write.

One of the other things that I am just really noticing is that I am not doing a very good job at illustrating my posts so that it is not just a wall of text. So I am going to work on getting better at doing that. However, If decide to go to a weekly podcast, I might drop my number of posts down to just one a week that I write myself. So I will have a blog post that comes out on say like Saturday afternoon and then the podcast on like Tuesday morning. This will give me more time to get the blog post done, the research for it done and a podcast episode recorded as well.

This will also give me time to work on another project that I am fixing to start on. I am thinking about making up some courses that can be taken. Much like my Technician class series that I had the last quarter of 2015, but it will be taken as an online course rather than a series of blog posts. I think that I am going to do a General class, then Extra class after the new question pool is released in June(I think), then I will go back and pick up the Technician class and move it over to this format as well. I am also brainstorming on some other topics that I can do as well.

I have big plans for 2016, starting with the podcast and ending with so much more. If you would like to take this journey with me, please subscribe to this site by simply putting your email address in the box below, clicking submit and then following the instructions on the email that you will receive from me.

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Until next time…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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