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Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of the Everything Hamradio Podcast. This is episode 3 and today we are talking about the Yaesu System Fusion system.

First off, what is Yaesu System Fusion?

  • It is a Digital Communications System that works on both digital and analog voice communications
  • It has automatic mode selection between Digital Voice, Digital Data, Digital Voice and Data and Analog FM
  • It uses a narrower bandwidth at just 12.5 kHz

Digital Voice Communications

  • Clearer and crisper audio
  • It is about the same range as Analog FM, but rather than gradually getting more noisy until you just noise, you are either there or you are not with digital
  • It uses the full 12.5 kHz bandwidth

Digital Only

  • Can send and receive pictures, text message or files
  • Uses a full 9600 baud to transfer data
  • It uses the full 12.5 kHz bandwidth

Voice and Digital

  • Bandwidth is split between voice and data, 7.25 kHz each
  • Voice audio not as clear, but still as good as Analog
  • Group Monitor Function
    • Up to 24 stations can be added to a group
    • Radio will show distance and direction of each member of the group
  • Smart Navigation/Backtrack Function
    • Set a start point. Whether you do this manually or by the gps coordinates  attached to a picture.
    • Get constant distance and direction from that starting point
    • Great for camping or hiking, storm spotting and much more.

Analog FM

  • Can talk to people with radios that are not System Fusion compatible.


  • Hand held transceivers
    • FT1DR
    • FT2DR
  • Mobile Radios
    • FTM-100DR
    • FTM-400DR
  • HF/VHF/UHF Base radios
    • FT-991

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