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Hey everybody and welcome back to the Everything Hamradio Podcast. This episode we talked about Project 25, the Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society and some news about changes in the ARRL leadership and the massive snow storm in the northeast US. Below you will find the show notes for this episode.

  1. Project 25
  2. Amateur Radio Club Spotlight
    1. Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society
      1.  History
        1. Organized on March 25, 1949, started with 13 charter members, 12 hams 1 non ham, all SK as of 4/6/2013
        2. Lots of club activities
          1. Public service, Parades, races, Skywarn, Charlotte Hamfest, Daily nets
          2. VE Testing – Quarterly scheduled testing
          3. Monthly Newsletters
          4. Contests
        3.  Repeaters
          1. 145.230 PL 118.8 – On Spencer Mountain, 1574′ above sea level
          2. 145.290 PL 118.8 – Uptown Charlotte, 1333′ above sea level
          3. 146.940 PL 118.8 – Orr Rd, NE Charlotte, 908′ above sea level – Main Repeater
          4. 224.400 PL 118.8 – Orr Rd, NE Charlotte, 908′ above sea level
          5. 444.600 PL 118.8 – Mecklenburg, Unk height
        4. Packet Radio
          1. 9 operational nodes including one full service BBS.
          2. Have nodes on 4 different frequencies: 145.010, 145.090, 223.400, & 446.500
          3. Have several backbone connections to HF links and the Internet
          4. Have a packet terminal on their website that hams can use
      2. Facebook:
      3. Twitter: @MecklenburgARS
      4. Website:
  3. News
    1. Hams Turn Out to Help as Massive Snowfall Stuns Several States
    2. Former Colorado Section Manager Jeff Ryan, K0RM, Appointed as Rocky Mountain Division Vice Director
    3. Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, Will Succeed David Sumner, K1ZZ as ARRL CEO

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