ARLB039 Rule Making Petition to FCC Calls for Vanity Call Sign Rule


This petition was put forth by one of my previous guests on the Everything Ham Radio Podcast. Chris was my guest on episode 27 – Hams With Disabilities. Since that interview Chris and I have emailed back and forth a couple times and he had mentioned what he said in this petition to me. It is great to see that he put a petition into the FCC to try to make a change. 

What are yalls feelings about this petition? If there is anything you would change what would it be? Please leave a comment below and leave your comments about the petition on the FCC link shown in this article. 

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

QST de W1AW  

ARRL Bulletin 39 ARLB039

From ARRL Headquarters  

Newington CT October 27, 2016

To all radio amateurs 

The FCC is inviting comments on a Petition for Rule Making (RM-11775) from a Nevada radio amateur that seeks changes to the rules governing the Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Program.

Christopher LaRue, W4ADL, of North Las Vegas, is proposing that any licensee obtaining a vanity call sign be required to keep it for the full license term. LaRue contends in his petition that excessive and frequent vanity call sign filings are hampering the ability of other qualified licensees to obtain vanity call signs in one of the more desirable 1 x 2 or 2 x 1 formats. LaRue said that since the FCC dropped the fee to file for a vanity call sign, some applicants are taking advantage by regularly obtaining new call signs, thereby keeping them out of circulation.

The petition can be found on the web in PDF format at, .

“Some are changing call signs almost monthly, just to keep the newer code-free Extra class operators from obtaining a shorter call sign,” he said in his petition. “I even saw an older operator that said he does it all the time and has not even owned a radio in over 6 years. When I looked him up, he has had 16 different [call signs] in 18 months.”

LaRue said his proposed minor rule change would require any licensee applying for and obtaining an Amateur Radio vanity call sign “be required to keep it for the duration of the license, which is currently 10 years.”

He said this would “alleviate a lot of the stress on the ULS system and manpower requirements” at the FCC. “It will also keep inactive amateurs from changing call signs regularly, thereby tying up call signs for 2 years after dismissal of said call.”

Interested parties may comment using the FCC Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) at, . Comments are due within 30 days of the October 26 posting date.



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