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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Podcast! In this episode, we are going to talk about Hamvention 2017!

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Tech Corner – HamVention Is Here!

Click here to download the Full Hamvention Program

Admission Ticket (Day of Event) – $27 USD Only available at the door now.

Talk in Frequency is 146.940 – PL 123

There will be a repeating bulletin on 145.525
Directions and Maps

Fellow Podcasters/Youtubers

  1. Ham Nation – Booth 5305 –

Hosted by Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, Amanda Alden, Dale Puckett

Share in the excitement and importance of ham radio – from tossing an antenna wire into a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters with hosts Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld, Amanda Alden, and Dale Puckett.

Records live every Wednesday at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific / 01:00 UTC.

  1. HamRadio360 – Booths 6501-6502

The Hamradio 360 podcast is hosted by Cale Nelson, K4CDN. It is a bi-weekly podcast with a sister show, the Workbench hosted by Jeremy KF7IJZ and George KJ6VU on the opposite weeks. The main show is geared towards the new ham and has some great interviews with people on a whole range of topics. On the Workbench show, George and Jeremy talk more on the technical side of things and deep dive into the building/DIY/technical aspects of the hobby. Both of them are great programs!

  1. Hamradio Now / PhasingLine – Booth 6419

HamRadioNow is an online television show, a webcast, a podcast, a YouTube show… whatever you want to call it, it’s for and about Amateur Radio.  Our hosts are Gary Pearce KN4AQ, and David Goldenberg W0DHG. Gary’s been a ham for over 50 years, and a broadcaster for almost that long. David’s a little newer, but he’s dived head first into EmComm, Scouting, and public service.

  1. Linux in the Ham Shack – Booth 5007

Linux in the Ham Shack is a Live ham radio podcast. It airs every other Monday. The hosts are Russ (K5TUX), Cheryl (YL), Bill (NE4RD) with a couple others that are currently on hiatus. Linux in the Ham Shack is a podcast, a state of mind and a phenomenon. Originally begun to help amateur radio operators move from Microsoft and other closed-source operating systems and applications over to Linux and Free Software, the show has broadened its scope. Now consisting of a bi-weekly audio podcast, live streaming audio, community event sponsorship and general outreach, LHS helps to expose ham radio enthusiasts to FOSS and FOSS enthusiasts to ham radio.

  1. W5KUB.Com – Booth 5006 is the location of the Amateur Radio Roundtable which is a live video amateur radio show that airs every Tuesday night! It is one of the longest running amateur radio programs. For the past seven years I believe, he has done live streaming interviews on people at Hamvention and this year is no different. This year he will be doing over 48 hours of live streaming during hamvention including his trip to and from.

  1. QSO Radio Show – 6505

I don’t know a whole lot about this show. Looking at their website I kind of wonder if they are still around, however, they have a booth at Hamvention this year so it would seem that they are. Maybe they only do live shows now and they don’t archive any of them for later use, I’m not sure. Their website does say that they do a live broadcast online and on WTWW 5085 kHz.

Mesh Networks

The Miami Valley Mesh Alliance (MVMA) has joined with the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) core technical team to provide a Mesh Network presence at Hamvention.

On Air:  The local Mesh network will be found on Channel -2 at 10 MHz bandwidth.  The SSID is AREDN-10-v3.

Mesh Networks Forum:  AREDN’s Andre Hansen K6AH, will address AREDN capabilities, deployment and application Saturday at 1:30 PM in Forum Room 2.

Mesh Booth:  MVMA and the AREDN Core Team will host visitors at Booth #1001, located in the extreme south-west corner of Building 1.

Mesh Classes:  The AREDN Core Team will present mini-classes at the booth.  Topics include:

  • Introduction to Mesh Technology
  • Mesh Implementation Techniques
  • Network Planning and Link Performance Estimation
  • VOIP Applications for Rapid Deployment
  • Mesh Network Applications for EmComm
  • Network Performance Metrics and Tools
  • How to “Un-Brick” a Mesh Node
  • WinLink integration with Mesh
  • Live streaming video cameras
  • Using MeshChat
  • How to Setup Node Location Data
  • See booth for class schedule details.


Friday 5/19/2017

9:15-10:15 Room 4 Teaching One-Day Tech Classes with Dan Romanchik, KB6NU

Dan is one of the speakers that kicks off the forum part of Hamvention by talking about the ins and outs and the reasons why he teaches a one day Technician class much like he did with me a few episodes ago in episode 64.

10:30-11:30 Room 2 MARS with Paul English WD8DBY

Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) is a Department of Defense (DOD) sponsored program implemented by the Army and the Air Force which trains FCC licensed amateur radio operators to provide contingency High Frequency (HF) communications support for DOD. MARS volunteers are trained on unique military messaging formats and use Military Standard digital protocols as well as digital encryption on DOD assigned HF frequencies. This forum will feature presentations from both the Army and Air Force MARS program leaders and may include other technical presentations relevant to this unique DOD support mission. This forum is open to all MARS members as well as amateur radio operators who are interested in supporting the MARS mission. Presentations will be given by Paul English WD8DBY, Army MARS Program Manager, and Dave Stapchuk KD9DXM, Chief Air Force MARS.

10:30 – 11:30 Room 4 Ham Radio Makers and Hackers with Sean Kutzko, KX9X, ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager

The ham radio community has always been a part of the DIY (do it yourself) movement. This group of panelists will share experiences about how ham radio is finding kinship with the new generation of creators, makers, hackers and innovators. Learn more about ham radio at Maker Faires®, Hackerspaces, and among Arduino users. The panelists will include ARRL author Glen Popiel, KW5GP (High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio and Arduino for Ham Radio), ARRL Education & Technology Program Instructor Tommy Gober, N5DUX, and others. This forum is sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®.

10:45-11:45 Room 1 APRS with Bob Bruninga WB4APR

APRS continues to expand into more areas. Bob Bruninga,WB4APR will give an update on the state of APRS and the opportunities for APRS via the several Amateur Satellites now including worldwide coverage via three geostationary birds receivable with a SDR dongle and Raspberry pi kit. Don Arnold, W6GPS will talk about the new Kenwood TH-D74 combined APRS and Dstar radio and Bryan Hoyer will talk about the APRS digipeater to be installed for the Boy Scout Jamboree. Jason Rausch, KE4NYV will update on his APRS projects and as time permits, other APRS topics from the floor are welcome.

1:15-2:15 Room 1 Homeland Security with John Peterson

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) forum is geared toward auxiliary emergency communicators who volunteer to provide backup emergency radio communications support to public safety and emergency response agencies. Typically they are amateur radio communicators from groups such as MARS, ARES, RACES, SATERN and other amateur radio groups. Volunteer emergency communications operators/groups have been providing back-up emergency communications to the public safety community for nearly a century. They are routinely used by event planners and emergency managers at all levels of government. Today nearly all the States/territories have incorporated some level of participation by amateur radio auxiliary communication operators into their communications interoperability plans.

Come talk with the DHS Communications Unit (COMU) subject matter experts and learn about the nationally recognized, NIMS/ICS compliant, AUXCOMM workshop and senior level emergency communications experts who have incorporated this training in recent national level disasters.

This forum will also include:

  1. John Peterson, OECs team lead for the development of the AUXCOMM course and the AUXCOMM Field Operations Guide
  2. Information on OEC’s Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program
  3. How amateurs are incorporated into the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP)
  4. Information on how you can become qualified to teach the OEC AUXCOMM course for your state.
  5. The latest changes expected for Communications Unit (COMU) training, which includes Communications Leader (COML), Communications Technician (COMT), Instructor courses for COML/COMT, AUXCOMM, Incident Communications Manager, Incident Tactical Dispatcher and the RADO courses.

Full Friday Schedule

Saturday 5/20/2017

9:15- 12:00 Room 2 Youth Forum with Carole Perry WB2MGP

Come join the fun and experience the pride by attending our 30th Hamvention Youth Forum. Bring kids with you to inspire them to join the fun of being a youngster in ham radio. This is where young people will get to meet with other youngsters. Stay tuned for special announcements about fabulous opportunities for young adults in ham radio and at Hamvention. There will be lots of prizes for the speakers, the kids in the audience, and the supportive adults in the audience. You must be present to win! Come and show your support for our talented young hams!

  • Lucas Schroeder W6LDS age 15 “The SharkRF openSPOT”
  • Carissa Ferguson KJ4EZA age 17 “Robotics and Ham Radio”
  • Dakota Krzysik KE8CVK age 17 “Lowell High School Youth Amateur Radio Club Through the Years!”
  • Grace Lea KM4TXT age 9 “Solar Power Mania”
  • Jerome Dinakar KE0BBQ age 16 “Tribute to Ellie Van Winkle”
  • Evan Markowitz KD2IZW age 18 “Balloon Based Repeater for Emergency Applications”
  • Ruth Willet KM4LAO age 18 “Plugging into Your Valuable Club Resources”
  • Chris Brault KD8YVJ age 14 “Getting Started with SDR”
  • Dhruv Rebba KC9ZJX age 13 “Community Services with Ham Radio Communications”

10:30-11:30 Room 1 Hamnation with Bob Heil K9EID

The hosts and many of the volunteers will be in attendance in a Town Hall type event. Ham Nation will celebrate the 300th show and the 5th year on Leo Laporte’s TWIT network. The audience has grown to thens of thousands each Wednesday night and one of the top five shows on the network. Led by Bob Heil he will be joined by Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, Valerie Hotzfeld and Dale Puckett. Many of the net controls operators and our show notes custodian, Dan Vanevenhoven will be in attendance. The forum will open with the Ham Nation theme song written and performed by Joe Walsh, WB6ACU.

12:15-1:15 Room 2 Fast Scan ATV with Art Towslee WA8RMC

The schedule is as follows:

Time Presenter Call Topics
12:15 -12:20 Art Towslee WA8RMC Welcome statement and general comments.
12:20 -12:30 Gordon West WB6NOA Lively greeting then focus on MAGAZINES FOR SPREADING THE ATV ACTIVITIES. I will also offer to be the the conduit for CQ Magazine and 6 minute features from our members on HAM NATION .
12:30 -12:50 Mike Collis WA6SVT Introduction to ATV. The “Basics of analog and digital ATV” will be covered. What you can do with ATV and how to get your own ATV station on the air.
12:50 – 1:10 Art Towslee WA8RMC DATV DVB-S encoding and how it may be better than DVB-T.
1:10 – 1:15 Art Towslee WA8RMC Wrap up and questions. Mike Collis WA6SVT – Transmitter supervisor for KCBS TV in LA.


Mike Collis WA6SVT – Transmitter supervisor for KCBS TV in LA. ATV operation since 1976. Engineer for Amateur Television Network with linked ATV repeater system covering three states. Publisher of Amateur Television Quarterly Magazine.

Gordon West WB6NOA – Gordo celebrates 55 years in ham radio , taking part in ATV for the Rose Parade , along with ATV helicopter portable for his City.emergency preparedness comms . Art Towslee WA8RMC – Hamvention ATV Forum moderator for 11 years. Retired electrical engineer. Owns DATV-Express LLC which he and 3 other partners designed and produce the DATV-Express digital DATV transmitter board for sale to Hams. He also authors articles in ATVQ Magazine.

ATV Friday Night dinner.

The ATV Friday Night Dinner will be at China Garden Buffet restaurant starting at 6:30PM on 112 Woodman Drive in Dayton, Ohio 45431 (Airway Shopping Center). Buffet Dinner $11.99 (937-781-9999). We have dinner then presentations about various ATV topics with door prizes concluding about 9:30PM. All are invited.

1:30-2:30 Room 2 MESH with  Bill Curtice W8APB, Miami Valley Mesh Alliance (MVMA)

Hams around the world are now building radio-based high speed digital mesh networks across their cities using microwave technologies and low cost commercial hardware adapted for Amateur Radio use. Mesh provides flexible, high speed wireless communications that can be adapted to varying terrain types, can be rapidly deployed, are fun to build and use, and are particularly well suited to the EmComm needs of many served agencies.

The MVMA is delighted to host Andre Hansen, K6AH, of the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) Project, speaking on how to build an effective AuxComm, high-speed data network based on Ubiquiti airMAX products and the AREDN Project’s firmware.

Andre will describe a 3-tiered architecture—using illustrations of actual installations—where AREDN implementers in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties have combined to cover over 16,000 square miles with a potential of supporting Incident Command System (Memorandum Of Understanding) relationships with EOCs, ARES, RACES, and Red Cross serving over 18 million people.

He will also discuss critical network services that must be established in order to make that network useful to disaster Incident Commanders and responders.

Additional information maybe found at the Mesh Networks Booth #1001, at, and at

2:30-3:15 Room 1 Kids Training for Ham Radio with Gordon West WB6NOA

Gordo invites kids and teachers to attend this action-packed forum , where the KIDS will likely steal the spotlight on ham radio training ! Learn what it takes to interact with school students , and to get them excited about wireless fun with live demos – that the kids will do ! Learn from our students on what it will take to turn them into active ham radio operators ! Everyone will receive the Instructor Academy diploma!

2:45-3:45 Room 2 HamRadio 360 Workbench Podcast – Building Portable HF Gear. with  Jeremy, KF7IJZ and George, KJ6VU

It’s never been a better time to be a ham especially if you like to design and build equipment and go out to operate portable. Jeremy, KF7IJZ, and George, KJ6VU, hosts of The Workbench podcast, talk about the growing interest in building and use of portable HF radio gear. In this session we talk about setting up your workbench and build projects including an HF antenna analyzer, low voltage disconnect, portable HF antennas, radio and battery selection. For more info go to

Full Saturday Schedule

Sunday 5/21/2017

9:15-10:15 Room 1 Getting started with JT65/JT9 on HF with  Sholto Fisher, West Mountain Radio

Get up to speed with the JT HF modes and a few tips for seasoned operators! Presenter: Sholto Fisher, West Mountain Radio Bio: Sholto has been interested in digital modes since the 1980s. First licensed in 1995 as G7TMG he holds FCC amateur extra class license K7TMG and the GMDSS full license. For the last 6 years he has been working for West Mountain Radio in a technical support role.

10:30-11:30 Room 2 ARRL National Parks On The Air Recap with  Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, ARRL Radiosport Manager and Sean Kutzko, KX9X, ARRL Media and Public Relations Manager

ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) commemorated the centennial of the US National Park Service in 2016. Activators and Chasers completed over one million radio contacts. Through NPOTA contacts, photographs, and stories…we were whisked away to mountain tops, seasides, monuments, and to some of the most treasured sites of our nation. If you were part of NPOTA in 2016, we want you to join us for this celebration and recap of one of the most popular on-air events of all time. This forum is sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®

10:30-11:30 Room 4 Tower Safety with Mark Allen W6PC

Mark Allen, W6PC, will once again provide the popular presentation on tower safety, tips and techniques on planning, installation and maintenance of your tower, and answer questions about towers and poles typically used by amateur stations. The presentation will be conducted on PowerPoint and will review, good practices, accidents and regulations which may affect amateurs who have their own tower installations. Mr. Allen, Vice President, of ROHN Tower, has more than 45 years in the professional communications industry and has been involved in all aspects of towers during his career. This presentation always receives excellent reviews and is very informative. Bring your tower questions and plan to attend.

Forum Chart and Digest

Can’t make it to Hamvention this year(like me)?

You can still take part in the first year at the location of Hamvention. You can check out to watch them live as they with have about 48 hours worth of live streaming over the weekend.

You can also capture the weekend by getting a QSL cald from the special event stations that will be operating at Hamvention:

Work the world from Hamvention as W8H & W8D at the Special Event Station !

The station, located in Building #2 in spaces 2706 and 2707 will be operating during normal Hamvention hours.

Frequencies (+/- QRM) will be: 40M – 20M – 17M – 10M

CW will be tried on the hour as conditions permit. The station will have paddles for CW.

To operate the station you must have a copy of your license available.

For QSLs and certificates, please send a self addressed and stamped envelope to:

Dayton Amateur Radio Association
ATTN: Hamvention Special Event Station
PO Box 44
Dayton, Ohio  45401-0044

Do You Need Some QSL Cards? Check out KB3IHF QSL Cards. When you place your order make sure you mention that you heard about him on the Everything Ham Radio Podcast. If you do I will get a small commission on your purchase. If you are going to be at Hamvention this weekend, stop by booth 6305 and talk to Randy about getting some QSL Cards. Please mention this podcast when you order.


West Mountain Radio

West Mountain Radio - Hamvention

Are you tired of lousy propagation conditions and wondering how to work some real DX for a change?

Maybe you spin the dial and wonder what’s going on below the voice segment of the HF bands?

The answer is … You’re missing out! You’re missing out on digital modes! A rapidly growing and exciting part of ham radio!

Work real DX with the incredible JT-65 and JT-9 modes! It’s no exaggeration when I tell you, you WILL work stations you never thought possible, even using low power and compromise antennas.

Have fun making new contacts in modes such as PSK31, Olivia, Radio-Teletype, SSTV and many more!

The RIGblaster Advantage is everything you need to operate these exciting digital modes.

Made in the US, the RIGblaster interfaces have set the standard for nearly 20 years. Thousands of satisfied operators have learned their RIGblaster Advantage will provide solid digital communication, easy operating and reliability.

The RIGblaster Advantage has:

  • A high quality built in sound card
  • A single USB cable to your computer – say goodbye to the rats nest of audio and serial cables.  Tidy up your station!
  • Built in rig control that works with most radios
  • Flexible transmit/receive switching –  Choose between VOX or computer PTT
  • Volume controls on the interface – no more hunting through Windows just to alter your transmit level!
  • Real Morse Code keying that actually uses the CW mode on your radio
  • Operate RTTY FSK for radios which support it
  • An easy to understand manual covers beginners and seasoned operators alike
  • Comes with a universal mic cable which fits most radios – optional cables may be available for your particular radio.

Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement any longer!

The RIGblaster Advantage is available right now for 199.95 with free ground shipping to the US 48.

For more information about the Rigblaster Advantage and to learn how to get your free USB Port monitor with your purchase, Click Here

If you are going to be at Hamvention, make sure you stop by and say hello to the people from West Mountain Radio in booth 3208-3210 and thank them for sponsoring this podcast.

Ham Blog Spotlight

Since I talked about the non-technical side of things at Hamvention this year, I figured I would let yall know about the Hamradio 360 Workbench episode last week where George and Jeremy talk about Hamvention from a DIY/Maker point of view. Check it out!

Workbench- 23 Getting Ready for Hamvention

  • This week, George and Jeremy explore the treasure trove of Dayton through the eyes of the builder!  They layout the parts, tools, test equipment, and components that you can find at Hamvention to outfit your workbench with.

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