Podcast Episode Not Showing Up, Is It Fixed?


Hey yall, I just wanted to write a quick post and let yall know what has been going on. About two weeks ago, I was having some issues with my website and I tracked it down to my RSS feed. Don’t ask me how it messed it up, but it did. While I got it fixed pretty fast, it had happened before, so rather than waiting for it to happen again, I decided that I would change the location that my podcast feed came from.

The way that I had ITunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, etc set up was to take the feed from my website. However, I also published to IHeartRadio and Youtube. Those two were based on my media host feed. That meant that I had to do basically do double the work when it came time to post a new podcast episode. I had to write the show notes on my website, but I also had to put at the very least a short blurb on my media host so that IHeartRadio and Youtube would have something in the description of the episode.Face Palm - Arduino

By changing where the feed came from, from my website to my media host, that made it where I only had to do that once and it would be more stable. It also made the notes on my media host better, because it wasn’t just a blurb. However, this caused unforseen problems itself.

I read an article online on how to change your feed, I read a help page on my media host on how to change it. Both seemed to be pretty simple. Add a line of code to your RSS file, Make sure the new feed works properly, and put in a 301 redirect. Easy enough right? Sure, or so I thought anyway.

I tried to change ITunes to the new feed address and it kept giving me an parsing error. So I found a site that would check the feed file for errors and tell me what they were. Come to find out, in the description of one of my episodes, I put something that I shouldn’t have and that is what was throwing the error. So I fixed that and checked it again. Congratulations, It Works!

Step One Complete!

Step two was to put a line of code in the old RSS feed and disable my old plugin that I was using to create it. No problem! I am smart enough to copy and paste and uninstall the plugin. This pretty much went off with out a hitch. After I uninstalled my old plugin, I installed the plugin for my media host, which makes publishing the episode SOOOO much easier.

Step Two Complete!

The third step appeared to be just as easy as the second one was. All I had to do was put a 301 redirect in place redirecting my old feed to my new feed. Both the help pages that I read, said that you would probably have to contact your web host and get them to put it in place.

So I went to my web home(IPage.com <- Affiliate Link) and searched through their knowledge base for how to set up a 301 redirect. I found the page that answered the questions, telling me how to do it and where to go and it seemed easy enough to do. So I went to the page, after signing in. Sure enough, only two boxes to fill out, the address you want to redirect and the address where you want the visitor redirected to.

So I put an address of the old feed in the first box and the address to the new feed in the second, clicked submit and I thought I was done. It appeared to be correct, however I didn’t look all that close to it, which is what caused the issues I have been having. But more on that in a second.

I thought I was finished.

The next day I checked ITunes and sure enough, the new feed url was on there. It didn’t dawn on me that I should’ve checked the other places like Google Play and Stitcher. One of the places worked, so why shouldn’t the rest, right? No!

All seemed to be going along just fine until one day I got an email from someone saying that the last episode that they saw was two weeks ago. I got to looking and Stitcher and Google Play didn’t update. So I had to manually update then. I got that done today and got to looking to see why it didn’t update.

First thing that I did was check the redirect. I typed the URL in the address bar and do you think it worked? No! When I typed in the address, it took me to a 404 Error, Page Not Found. I tell myself, “I know that I did the redirect, why it is not working?” Back to my web host control panel I go.

When I got back to the redirect page, I look and sure enough the redirect is set up, but there is something weird in the from url, it has a / before it. Why is that though. As I look at the two boxes that are there to input the addresses in, the first one has a http://www.example.com/ then the box where the second one doesn’t. Does that mean I don’t put my domain name in there, just what is after the /?

I put the last part of the from URL and the new feed address, save it, and try it out.


I hope that this will fix the issues of people not seeing my episodes. If you have not seen the last two episodes, please check your player again and see if you can now. If not, please send me an email and I will look into it more. I don’t have a way to check on Android devices, unfortunately.

I hope this fixes the problem and I am sorry to any of my listeners that haven’t been able to listen for the past couple weeks. The good news is though, I hope I have it fixed and you have about 3 1/2 hours of podcast to listen to and another 1 1/2 hours tomorrow morning.

Thank you to all my listeners for sticking with me and helping to support me and this podcast. If you like my podcast, please share it with your friends, subscribe to my email list to get email updates when I publish a new podcast episode or a new blog post.

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Until next time,

73s DE K5CLM

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