The Amelia Earhart Project


A couple of weeks ago as I was preparing a list of topics that I wanted to talk about in the future podcast episodes I came across a subject that was interested in. That topic was Automatic Link Establishment or ALE for short. So I got to looking at some of the websites dealing with this topic and came across a yahoo group specifically for it. Trying to find someone to interview for it I join the group set hello and got a maybe later response.

While waiting for a response from someone I read some of the emails that were coming across the group. One of those emails was for a gentleman who is a pilot and was talking about trying to redo the flight across the Atlantic by a single pilot in a single engine aircraft done back in the 30s. Reading more into it I find out that this gentleman is also planning on doing a around the world trip in a single engine aircraft with a single pilot following the track that Amelia Earhart did back in 1937.

So I got to reading the website dealing with this and thought this might be an interesting topic to do as well. So I sent the gentleman an email and unfortunately it was too late to do an interview before he left but he did agree to do one after he returned so look for a Podcasts episode on this topic in about mid August. The gentleman’s name is Brain Lloyd, WB6RQN.

Brian has a ham radio installed in his aircraft so he is operating aircraft mobile on the longer legs of his trip. He is also documenting his trip with pictures and short blurbs throughout his trip on his website. If you are interested in following Brian live during his trip, he has a live tracker set up on his website as well.

Make sure that you check out his website for more information on how you can be a part of this 80th commemorative trip around the world. On his website there is a link for ham radio which list approximate times and dates when he will be available for HF contact both on single side band and on ALE.

Make sure that you tune in around mid-August to hear from Brian as we talk with him about his around the world trip.

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