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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Podcast! In this episode we are kickin it with George and Jeremy from the Hamradio 360: Workbench Podcast

Question of the Week:

What’s on your workbench?

Tech Corner – Mini Data Radios, HR360 Workbench Podcast and Reflections on Hamvention 2017

In this episode we are kicking it with George, KJ6VU and Jeremy, KF7IJZ from the Ham Radio 360: Workbench podcast. If you don’t know what the Workbench podcast is, it is a spin off of the Ham Radio 360 podcast with Cale Nelson, K4CDN. It is a bi-weekly podcast that deep dives into all thing technical in the amateur radio world.

Links and products mentioned in this episode:

Ham Radio 360 Workbench

  • Episode 15 – Micro Controllers in the Real World
  • Episode 16 – Wireless Comms for Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers
  • Episode 26 – BITX40 – An Introduction

18b20 maxim semiconductor 2-3 dollars – temperature sensor – Buy at Mouser Electronics

36 Sensor Pack for the Arduino

Small Computers

Data Radios

Other Podcasts Mentioned

Solder Smoke Podcast

Do You Need Some QSL Cards? Check out KB3IHF QSL Cards. When you place your order make sure you mention that you heard about him on the Everything Ham Radio Podcast. If you do I will get a small commission on your purchase.


West Mountain Radio

West Mountain Radio - Workbench




Do you have an old fashioned Analog Volt and Amp meter hooked to your station? Are you looking to find something that has more bells and whistles? Check out the West Mountain Radio PWRcheck.

The PWRcheck has eight display modes including voltage, current flow in either directions, wattage and amp-hours and will measure from 0-60V with 40A continuous load. It is accurate to within +/- 10mV and +/-10mA.

It has a backlit graphics LCD that will display data in digital, analog and bar graph formats. You can even monitor your backup battery with a programmable “gas gauge”.

The non-volatile memory stores more than 100,000 data points without power. That is nearly two and a half months worth of data @ 1 point per minute!

It has a USB computer interface for configuration and data download and you can program it to sound an alarm for over current, over or under voltage and amp-hours.

The software that comes with it allows your to program every aspect of the PWRcheck operation such as data logging rate, display formats and alarm conditions. You can display current, voltage, wattage and amp-hours in real time. It has integrated charting software that automatically collects and displays data. All the data can bed downloaded and stored for later analysis!

For more information about the West Mountain Radio PWRcheck and how to receive your $50 off and to get your free USB Port Monitor, click here.

Ham Blog Spotlight

Update from NO1PC’s Handsfree Information Site on the CA law making it illegal for hams to use their radios while driving

This week we received confirmation that we (BARA/California Amateur Radio Operators) are registered in opposition to AB-1222 in its present form. This is supposed to give us recognition and a brief time to address the CA Senta Transportation and Housing Committee at their meeting July 11, 1:30 PM.

Given the significant list of those in support vs our lone opposition, this is a pretty daunting moment for two-way and amateur radio. Norm and I knew we could face this dilemma, and our last words before his untimely passing were to “stay the course.” There is no question but to stand up to the effort I started, honor Norm’s efforts and those of everyone else who have supported us.

At the very least we got some traction/progress in mildly improving CVC 23123.5 into AB-1222. It’s been our belief all along that in such a simple, obvious matter, it could be better – this is California – it’s what we’ve been told and that’s what we expect – yes?

Addressing this all along, and especially now is a monumental challenge of patience and doing the right thing. I am very pleased and proud and appreciative for all of the support and assistance!

This is NOT a specific call to action, but if your local Senator is a member of the Senate Transportation committee, it wouldn’t hurt to give their office a call and share some support for us and this process.

If you want to “be there” with us on Tuesday, these links may take you to live and archived video:

CA State Media Site

CA Senate Media Site

CA Senate Document re: AB1222

In closing today, I ask you reserve a moment of silence for our dear friend Norm Lucas, WB6RVR (sk). This effort I dedicate to Norm and his years of leadership and friendship as we served the NARCC Board together, and now this. Thank you Norm and everyone!

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