ETH089 – World Wide Flora and Fauna



Hello everybody and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Podcast! In this episode we are going to talk with Vance Martin, N3VEM, about World Wide Flora and Fauna or as it is known here in the US, Parks On The Air

Tech Corner – World Wide Flora and Fauna

Regional POTA/KFF Managers:

0 – NU0C – Jim Shorney
1 – N1TYH – Steve Olivieri
2 – WX2I – Bob Jonas
3 – KB3ZUK – Jeff Dahn
4 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
5 – N1TYH – Steve Olivieri
6 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer
7 – W7JKC – John Calnan
8 – AC8RH – Gene Bunner
9 – KA9JAC – Bob Gedemer


WWFF Standardize Frequencies


  • 3.744
  • 7.144
  • 14.244
  • 18.144
  • 21.244
  • 24.944
  • 28.444


  • 3.544
  • 7.024
  • 10.124
  • 14.044
  • 18.084
  • 21.044
  • 24.894
  • 28.044

Links Mentioned In This Episode

Map and list of all parks available in the US to activate

WWFF DX Cluster

Parks On The Air Facebook Group

WWFF Rules

WWFF Agenda – See all registered park activations from all over the world

Parks On The Air Awards List

Logging Software


West Mountain Radio

West Mountain Radio

Whether you are working from home or out in the field doing Field Day, a Special Event Station or Parks On The Air activation, you are are going to need power right?

This is where the West Mountain Radio’s DC-To-Go boxes come in!

The DC-To-Go boxes are great to mount your batteries in, to protect the floor in your station, or to help carry to your field spot.

The boxes can be customized just the way you want them, or you can get a pre made box that has a RIGrunner and/or Super PWRgate built right onto the side of the box.

I recommend getting the DC-To-Go box with the RIGrunner 4007u on it. The RIGrunner 4007u can supply up to 40 amps 12 VDC with 7 fused Anderson PowerPole connections and a USB port. It also has a solid state pushbutton on/off switch, a 7 seven-segment Power Display, and it has automatic power protection for over or under voltage.

Check out the West Mountain Radio DC-To-Go Boxes at and learn how to get your free USB power monitor with your purchase

K4GDL Sign

This is just one of the signs that I have made for fellow hams. The signs that I make are totally customize to your liking, with a picture of your choice(If I am able to carve it, depending on detail level), your name and/or call sign or anything else you might want it to say.

I doesn’t even have to be ham radio related. Do you want a sign for with your family name, maybe you go camping and want a sign to put outside your RV.

Check out my swag store for your own sign, or any of the other items I have listed.



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