Changes, or Maybe Resolutions, For 2018?


Hey everybody and welcome back to Everything Ham Radio! In the last episode of my podcast I talked about some of the things that I wanted to do in the new year, my personal and blogging resolutions, and asked you what y’all had planned on doing as well. I got a couple responses from different people that I was going to read in the episode for this week.

Unfortunately the week before Christmas, I started to get sick. The day after Christmas, I had to work and ended up having to work by myself most of the day so I really exerted my voice and ended up loosing it totally on the 27th. After two days with being able to talk above a whisper, I went to the doctor and she said I had Laryngitis! Yay! She gave me a steroid shot and a Z Pack.

Here it is over a week since I lost my voice and I still don’t have my voice back all the way. Which is why I am writing a blog post this week instead of recording a podcast episode.

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Pretty much everyone makes at least one New Years Resolution.  Typically, though, those resolutions only last for a month on average. Typically these resolutions are things that change a “bad thing” they do. Things like, “I want to loose weight” or “I want to exercise more.” Or “I want to quit smoking.”

While these are great resolutions to make, I think they are too vague! They leave a lot of room for interpretation or drive when things get tough or “life gets in the way”. I think I have done all of these at least once in my life.

This year I plan on doing something a little different. Pretty much every year I tell myself that I’m going to lose weight and exercise more. I never end up losing weight because I end up not exercising more or whatever. My wife on the other hand has done awesome! She has lost over 100 pounds over the past few years.

I still need to do these things this year but this year I have more drive to do it. This year I have four kids to think about playing with, and I had a blood pressure reading when I went to the doctor last week. After monitoring it since then I’m afraid that I might have high blood pressure and be put on medication.


So What’s Your Plan, Curtis?

On several of the blogging/podcast help blogs that I listen to, they all pretty much the same thing.

Set specific goals, not general ones.

The also say to 10X what you think you should do or would like to accomplish. I have to wonder about the later one but I totally agree with the first one. So here’s my plans for 2018 and I hope that y’all will help me stick to it. Can I count on you?

Personal Life


10k Step Challenge - ResolutionsSince your and my personal life should be my number one priority, let’s start there! Over the past month or so I started a walking challenge with my fir half work partner. She walks over 10k steps a day. While that is awesome, it is to much for me to start out with, so I started at 5k a day. Some days I don’t have any issues reaching that number, others I barely make a third of that.

Now you see why I haven’t been able to keep my “lose weight resolution” in years past? This year is going to be different though! This year rather than just saying “I’m going to exercise more” or “I’m going to lose weight.” My goal is starting on the first, I am going to walk at least 6k steps a day even if I just have to walk from one end of my house to the other several times. Every week, I am going to increase my step goal by either 500 or 1000 steps. My plan is to consistently walk 10k steps a day by the end of the first quarter of the year(March 31, 2018).

Not only will this walking help me loose weight but I also read that by walking 10k steps a day you can lower your blood pressure by like 10 points I think it was! So between that and the weight lose, hopefully I can get my blood pressure down to where it is supposed to to be by the end of the year.

So why not make that a resolution?

While getting my blood pressure under control is a great goal to have, I also have a family history of heart problems, so it is possible that I may have high blood pressure for the rest of my life no matter what I do.

However, I am going to use the news that I could have high blood pressure and have to start taking medication for it as a drive to walk my eventual 10k steps a day.

Loose At Least 25 Pounds This Year

This is where I was talking about earlier with the 10X your plans thing. I think that 10Xing your wants is a good thing in some instances, I think that it could be detrimental in weight loss.

Here’s why.

Often times people tell themselves that they want to lose 50 pounds or 100 pounds or whatever the number. That number is often the total amount that they want/need to lose. However. The first month they starting exercising the will often lose very little weight, or in my case most of the time actually gain weight.

Often times when you first start exercising, you gain muscle mass and you lose fat. From what I’ve been told muscle mass weighs twice as much as fat does. So you may looseday 10 pounds of fat and gain 14 pounds of muscle. Therefore you just gained 4 pounds even though you gained it in a good way.

The other thing is you don’t want to lose too much at once because your skin won’t retract like it could. If you take it slow, there is a possibility that your skin might shrink back down with your body.

My plan is to shoot for 25 pounds this year. That is about 2 pounds a month. Which should be easily attainable for me to reach. The other thing that I hear about a lot with

setting big goals is if after a month or two you are no where near the tract that you should be, people tend to get disappointed and stop trying because, “What’s the use?”

Get My Business Off The Ground

I’m sure that yall have heard or seen some of the signs that I have made and have heard that I am trying to start a business this year. If you haven’t, here’s a little back story. Over the past three or four months, I have been making signs for several different listeners. They have all been ham related. I have also made a few signs for friends and family. Up until Christmas, I was using a Dremel. A Dremel is pretty good, but the bits don’t last very long if you are doing a lot of carving with them.

Wenger Sign - Resolutions
I made this sign for a co-worker for a Christmas Gift Exchange

My wife got me a new router for Christmas along with a router bit that I was wanting. I’ve made two signs with the router and OMG, what a difference it makes! We are going to be working on building this on multiple fronts. I am in the process of building a website for our business, but it is still a work in progress at this of this post. We will also be putting up posts in places like Facebook market place, maybe like Craig’s List, and Etsy.

The other front that we working on is local stuff, like craft shows, flea markets, friends and family. The first craft show is in March I believe and we are going to try and go to it. That means that over the next couple months, I have a lot of carving in my future…


We are going to have several stock type signs with different sayings on it, like:

  • #1 Dad
  • #1 Mom
  • #1 Teacher,

Also quotes like:

  • “Grateful and Bless”
  • “When Life Gets To Hard To Stand…Kneel”
  • “When Nothing Goes Right…Go Left”.

I will also be making name plates to go on a desk or table, phone holders, Tablet Holders, and Yard Games.

If you would like a sign made or something else, you can go to and place your order.

NOTE: Like I said above, at the time of this post, I am still working on the website, but i hope to have it up very soon! Until then, you can send an email to with what you are wanting.

Everything Ham Radio

So I talked a little bit last episode about what I wanted to do with my podcast and blog in the coming year, but I thought I would talk a little more about them on this post.

First off, the podcast will stay at every other week. With the kids, trying to start the business, and my full time job, that seems to be the best option. I didn’t have an episode on the 4th because I have been sick. In case you missed the Facebook and Twitter posts, A couple days before Christmas, I started to sneeze and cough a little. The day after Christmas I ended up being at work all by myself for 8 hours of my shift and I think I strained my voice. The next day, I couldn’t talk at all! It was just a whisper for pretty much the next two to three days! That doesn’t work when you are a 911 Telecommunicator!

PodcastETH Site Logo - Resolutions

To offset dropping my podcast down from weekly to every other week, I want to do a good sized blog post of some sort to fill in the gap. I will be doing smaller blog posts as well but not at any kind of regular time interval. As I mentioned in my last podcast, I am possibly going to have Ian Kahn on as a co-host, at least for one episode a month.

Also, I asked yall last episode what some of you plans for 2018 was. I got a couple emails that I will be reading next episode. There is still time to send yours in. You can send an email if you want to, but I would really like if yall could record something and send it to me, or you can record it through Speakpipe on my website. Just click on the “Send Voicemail” button on the right side of any page on my site.

Website Changes

I added a section to the main page of my website to post news stories and such. I use to post things like the DX News, and Propagation Reports sent out by the ARRL, but I stopped when it was just filling up my main page feed and moving my podcasts and other blog posts off the main page before they could really be seen. Now that I have this new section on the page, I’m going to start posting them again.

You’ve Got Mail

The other major change that I will be doing in 2018 is, the email list. Up until the beginning of the year, every post that I posted on my website would automatically be sent out to my email list. With posting the news as it comes in, I’ve decided that I’m going to start doing it manually. I will send out a weekly overview of the posts I put up including the news articles, even though some of them will be up to a week old.

I am still working on the format and content of the email though. I’m thinking that I will include some posts from other ham blogs and/or podcasts as well, but I haven’t quite decided yet.

Thats A Wrap

I think that pretty much wraps it up. I want to thank all of yall for you continued support of my blog and podcast. Please share this post with your fellow hams or ham hopefuls. Yall are the major reason that I keep this blog and podcast.

I would like to thank my podcast sponsors:

  • West Mountain Radio
  • KB6NU.COM – Home of the No Nonsense Study Guides

I would also like to thank my patrons on Patreon and those that have donated through Paypal.

Until Next Time…

73 de K5CLM

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