Have you taken a break from Ham Radio?


I’m sure everyone has sometime in their “ham radio career”. Every person has a reason for it too. It could be just plain lose of interest, family reasons , financial reasons, or several other reasons as well.

Over my 23 years of being a ham, I have taken several breaks myself. Most of them have been a combination of the three above. There were times when my radio went out and I couldn’t afford to get it fixed or buy a new one. One time my antenna went out and couldn’t afford a new one. Currently, it is because of family reasons more so than it it is financial ones.

After having my blog for several years, and then moving into a podcast, I learned so much stuff about the hobby that I wanted to try but couldn’t afford to. On top of that though, the blog, and podcast especially, were taking up so much of my time that it was taking away from family time and it really started to show.

I did try to do all the stuff for both, either at work in my down time or after my kids went to bed, but then it took away time for me and my wife. As a general rule of thumb for any content creation, be it a podcast, YouTube or even blog posts, it takes at least four times as much time to make that the content piece as it is long. So for my hour long podcast episodes, it would take me 4+ hours to do that one episode.

All the stuff that happens behind the scenes take time to do. Starting with research, planning, recording, editing, posting and then advertising it. Then rinse and repeat for he next week.

Not only did it take time away from the family, but also lead to somewhat of a burn out. I really enjoy doing a podcast and I really enjoyed writing stuff my blog, and I really enjoyed learning new things about the hobby; the thing is, if it takes away from your family it’s not necessarily a good thing.

So I ended my podcast, I have been really extremely lax and posting on this blog, and I think I have touched a radio twice, maybe three times, since March 2018.

Does this make me a bad ham?

Absolutely not!

In any hobby that you are doing, they are going to be times when you need a break, you need to step back and get a new perspective about it, or you have to reevaluate life. Ham radio is no different.

Have you taken a break from Ham Radio before? Leave a comment below and tell me why you took a break and what you learn from it.

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