Google Assistant on Ham Radio and Some New Podcasts



In this video, I talk about some things that I found while going through my old bookmarks and ham radio websites.

The first thing that came up is how a Canadian Ham has integrated Google Assistant with Amateur Radio. I think it is really neat but their is discussions on the legality of it. What are your thoughts, leave a comment below and let us know.

To view the whole demo video he did and the article about it, click the link below:

Next week talk about a couple new podcasts that have started last year or will be starting soon. The first is by Dan, KB6NU and Tom, KB5RF called the No Nonsense Amateur Radio Podcast. You can find it here:

The second is a new podcast that will be starting on March 7, 2019 from the ARRL called “So Now What”. This podcast will be geared towards new hams and what they can do after they get their license.

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