Kenwood TM-V71A Dual Band Mobile Review


Hello and welcome back to the Everything Ham Radio Blog. Today we are going to be talking about the Kenwood TM-V71A dual band Mobile Radio. Let me start out by saying this radio is probably my favorite radio on the market today. I have its predecessor’s predecessor, the TM-733 and have had it for over 20 years and it still works like it did the first day I got it.

My father has this radio and has for probably 10 years and still uses it everyday. This radio is a workhorse!

Last week I did a blog post only review, this week in trying to expand a little bit and I am making a review video on YouTube as well so here is the short review video:

This radio is available on Amazon right for $378.95! At this price point it is a steal! You get an amazing radio for not a whole lot of money! If you are in the market for a new mobile radio, I highly recommend this radio.

With that being said, you have to buy a radio that meets the needs of your local area. If you have DSTAR or System Fusion repeaters in your area and you want to use those modes, then this radio won’t work for that. However, if you are just looking for a great, durable, long lasting radio…then you just found it.

This radio has 1000 memory channels, so no matter how much you travel it is very unlikely that you will ever run out of memory channels. This radio is also PC programmable so it is super easy to add new repeaters to it’s memory channels if you are going on a trip or out of town for the weekend. Even though it is PC programmable, it is super easy to manually store repeaters or frequencies into the radio just from the front panel itself.

One  feature that is an absolute must have for me is a true dual receiver radio. If the radio can not receive from both bands at the same time, it is a no go for me. This radio has the dual receive feature! With his feature, you can receive both VHF or UHF on both “sides” of your radio at the same time or have VHF on one side and UHF on the other.

I’m sure that you have noticed that the inside of vehicles are getting smaller and smaller and we as hams have to come up with more inventive ways of installing our radios. Having a removable face  to your radio makes that task so much easier. This radio has a removable faceplate to make installation into your vehicle that much easier.

Even though you can’t use this radio on DSTAR or system fusion, you can use it on EchoLink. This radio even has a built-in EchoLink sysop mode that you can use to run your own Echolink node.

Many of the reviews they read on state something that I’ve already said in this blog post already, however, it is worth mentioning Again that this radio is super durable and will last you for a very long time. Many people that purchased this radio said the exact same thing and have even gone as far as buying multiple radios for different uses.

This radio has 40 customer reviews on with the star rating of 4.8. Out of those reviews I think I only read one or two that had anything negative to say about this radio,  and those negative things were minor except for one which could have been a lemon but the reviewer was able to get it fixed without issue.

I highly recommend purchasing this radio if you were looking for a new radio for your house or your car or a go pack. Click here to be taken to do you purchase this radio. Please note that this is an affiliate link.

I think that premade wraps up this review of the Kenwood TM-V71A. I hope that you found this review helpful to you and making it a scission on your next radio.

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Until next time…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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