Who Is The Newly Elected Iowa Section Manager?


If you live in the Iowa ARRL section, then I’m sure you know that you have a newly elected Section Manager starting on April 1, 2019. She received 315 votes in the winter election. Her opponent, Paul Crowley, W0YR, received 234 votes.

So who is your new Section Manager? Her name is Lelia Garner, WA0UIG.

Below is part of her biography on QRZ.

When my father passed away, I received his ham gear and packed it away without knowing anything about it. 6 years later, with the help of my local club, I took the Tech and General exams and then applied for his call sign – WA0UIG. This is my short ‘How I got interested in Amateru Radio’ bio at the ARRL IA Section Staff contact page. http://www.arrl.org/Groups/view/iowa

That was 2009. Also in 2009 I went out on my first ARES supported public service event, worked the GOTA table at Field Day as a newbie, built my first antenna – a copper j-pole with a self-designed match, and started learning CW. Then, I set a goal for myself . . . when I could communicate using CW and when I could identify and use a Colpitts Oscillator…. I would upgrade to Extra. I’m in a builders club and building a Paraset WW2 spy radio from scratch. (I have also built a kit QRP radio and several Arduino based applications.) So, it’s time to upgrade.

I am currently the Iowa Section Traffic Manager. This means that I am active on many nets and communicate not only with Iowa operators, but also Red Cross, Salvation Army, IA National Guard, MARS, IA Department of Health, Hospitals/Medical Centers, NWS, and Emergency Management Agencies.

For those versed in ICS – I have completed AUXComm, COML, Logistics and Operations Section Chief training.

I do communications support for the Chicago Marathon each October, but this last year I stayed in Iowa and did the Emergency Communications and Digital forums for the IA Section Convention in Muscatine, IA. I travel to Des Moines each April for the Fight For Air Climb – an interesting skyscraper vertical communications event.

As IA Section Traffic Manager I work with MARS to bring Iowa amateurs into the communications exercises. I work with the IA National Guard to bring Iowa amatuers into their exercises and in 2018 was invited by the IA National Guard to join them as Army Staff Civilian Liaison (and Training Officer) in their Iowa-wide Interoperability Communications event. Great experience.

I am co-founder of the Linn County New Ham Net. The four of us came out of ham classes at about the same time and worked together to create an opportunity for new hams to use RF. The net is still going and is quite popular. I’m not a New Ham anymore really, so I listen in to the New New Hams and check in only if no-one else is brave enough.

I love the hobby and travel quite a bit to support and promote amateur radio both personally and as IA STM. I participate in four clubs in my own and surrounding counties. I Net Control for the local ARES repeater net, and you can also find me on Iowa HF ssb and digital nets or on the local Wednesday night simplex net.

I am a trained NWS Weather Spotter and participate in weather nets. As IA STM I’m very interested in developing amateur radio training and participation in local, regional and state-wide weather nets.

I run a Yaesu FT 991A and Shark for DMR/DSTAR/Fusion, I also run a Ten Tec Omni 5 and Pegasus. My favorite key is the Vibroplex Single Lever. I use a NVIS OCFD at 30′ for in-Iowa communications and am installing another dipole at 50′ for DX. I have room for more but I’m currently pretty dedicated to Iowa as IA STM. For VHF/UHF I use the Kenwood D700 mobile and have another D700 as a base station. HT’s are a Baofeng, Wouxun, Yaesu, Kenwood, and an old Icom ‘brick’.

I go to several hamfests each year and enjoy meeting up with new and old friends. Say ‘hey’ next time.

73 de WA0UIG

I love reading about people that jump into this hobby with both feet! We need more people like this. I don’t know her personally, I probably know her just like the rest of y’all do. However, from what she has in her bio on QRZ, I think she will make a pretty good section Manager.

Thanks for stopping by! In my next article, I will be introducing y’all to another newly elected Section Manager, this one is from my own section, North Texas.

Until next time…

73 de Curtis

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