ARRL Stepping Up Their Game


Hey everybody and welcome back to Everything Ham Radio. So it would appear that the ARRL is trying to step up their game.

Over the past year or so, the ARRL has had some issues, to put it mildly. I know a lot of people lost faith in them entirely and really questioned some of the things that they did.

There has been two news articles that have been released the past couple days that talks about the direction that the new ARRL CEO is planning on taking the League.

In this article, the plan by ARRL CEO Howard Michel, WB2ITX, was laid out. It talks about how he plans on focusing on how to reorganize the ARRL and bring it more in line to serve all members both old and new.

“I see ARRL as a membership association, a business, and a 501(c)(3) public charity. As CEO, I intend to strengthen all three aspects. And all three must remain in balance for ARRL to function effectively,” Michel said.

The plan lays out three main components of the plan,

  1. Create a management council that will be a deliberative and generative body to discuss ideas, operations, and long-term planning for ARRL.
  2. A Products Development Manager will Be our in place to create new ideas for products and services, create pilot programs to quickly test those ideas, and then — if the pilot programs are successful — transition them to operations.
  3. A Marketing Communications Manager will be put in place to help with the image of the ARRL to help not just the old members of the league but also all the new hams that get their license.

Of course, these three things alone won’t totally repair the bad taste that was left in a lot of people’s mouths over the past year or so but it is a start.

Another thing that the ARRL is doing is implementing a Lifetime Learning Initiative program. This program will provide a series of learning tracks that will serve the needs of the various interest groups within the Amateur Radio community.

Eventually this program will serve the amateur radio community as a while, but initially the training that will be developed under this initiative will be focused on the newer licensees.

“We are building a new learning environment,” Bickell said. “It will take a lot of work to put this all together, but we believe that this initiative will firmly establish ARRL as an educational leader in Amateur Radio.” He expects the online Lifelong Learning platform to launch in the fall of 2019

To read more about the new Lifetime Learning Initiative, check out the full article here.

What are your thoughts about the new direction that the new CEO is taking the ARRL and what are your thoughts about this program?

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