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Hey everybody and welcome back to Everything Ham Radio. For this review are going to be talking about the MorseZapp App. Check out my review video below:

MorseZapp is a free app that you can download from the App Store on IOS. I do not believe that it is available on Android. It is a Morse code training app will teach you the letter in Morse code.

I downloaded the app a couple days ago and went through the free packages in it. The free package consists of the letters. It consists of 36 levels. You will learn three or four letters then do a review level with all the lets you just learned and maybe a few extra letters through in from the previous group.

I already know Morse code, I’m just not very proficient in it. It took me about an hour total to go through the free package


The interface is very clean and it reminds me a lot of an old typing tutor that I use to use back in high school. It will drop a letter down from the top and it would slowly drop down the screen and you have to tap out the letter

As you can see in the picture above, the topĀ area of the screen is the area the letters come down in, the middle area shows you the makeup of the letters in Morse code the first couple letters of the level.

Finally, the bottom area, where it says “Tap Here”, is where you tap the screen to send the dits and dahs of the letters. Just like a regular key the longer you hold the screen in that area the long the sound for the dah sounds.

On the settings screen, you can adjust the tone that is sounded when you press the Tap Here box. This makes it nice for if you have hearing problems, you can adjust the tone to where you can hear it the best.

There is also an option on this screen to set the length of the dit. This allows you to send code faster the better at it you get.


The first con I want to mention from the free package is there aren’t any numbers that are available. Numbers are a big part of learning Morse code because every callsign has at least one number in it.

I totally understand that the app developer needs to have some way to make money with the app and offering the letters only is a way to get someone hooked enough to buy the paid version, but it would be nice if it said something about that in the description of the app in the App Store.

The second con of this app is the way that it does the “All Together” levels. As I was progressing through this tutor I would’ve like to see some of the earlier letters in the later “All Together” levels. Instead it basically just did the three or four letters that were in the previous levels.

Lastly, on the “All Letters” level, it would have been nice if the letters were jumbled up. As it plays out right now, it just goes through the alphabet from A to Z. If you fail the mission, it does start with the letter you missed and shows you the Morse code letter in dits and dahs but then it proceeds to go from A to Z again.

I would like to see it where the letters are jumbled up rather than just in line with the alphabet.

Even with the three cons, I think that this app is a neat little app to practice on and to learn Morse code on, even with the limitations of the free package.

Recommendations to the author

  • Take a look at the three cons listed above and maybe change it up a little bit,Ā like I said.
  • In the paid version, add some practice QSOs in it so that the person learning can practice sending an actual QSO.
  • It would be nice to have a receive function in this app, maybe it is on one of the paid packages. Where the letter is sent through audio and you have to type in the letter.


All in all, I think this is a good app to learn on and would recommend it to someone that is trying to learn the code. If you are serious about learning the code though, I would recommend buying the paid packages though

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