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Hello everybody and welcome back to Everything Ham Radio! Today we are going to be reviewing the Ham Radio Exam – Tech App available for both IOS and Android devices.

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My main theme this month is going to be all about helping you get your Amateur Radio License. Every Friday I will have a different app to review that will help you obtain that goal.

This week we are reviewing the app called Ham Radio Exam – Tech. It is available for both IOS and Android devices. You can find the link to the apps above.

This is what you will find in ITunes for this app. It was written by Roy Watson, N1ZTL and has the current question pool in it(2018-2022). The app has 67 reviews on ITunes and boasts a 4.8 star rating. This app is also FREE!

On the main screen of this app you will find several options to choose from but before we get into that let me briefly tough on the options along the top of the screen, Settings and Web Stuff.


The only thing in the settings menu is to delete the information about the quizzes and tests that you have already taken. This is nice to have, but I wouldn’t think that you would need to do this because you would want to see how you are progressing.

Web Stuff

The other option along the top is the Web Stuff.

On this screen, you will find three options, Find an Exam, ARRL News and Check my license. When I tried these links the only one that worked for me was the news feed. The find an exam and the check my license buttons just took me to a blank screen. I don’t know if it was just my phone not loading the page or if there is an issue in the app.


On the about screen, you will information about the author and app information as well as question pool information. This will allow you to contact the author if you have questions and make sure that you have the correct question pool in case you download this before the question pool is changed and study through the change.

It also appears that this app will automatically check for an updated question pool.

This screen is basically the same for two different options that you go into, the Study Correct Answers, and the Section Quiz areas.

You can tap on one of the sections and either study or take a quiz on that section. This list give you the Section number, what the Section is about and how many questions are in that section.

Let’s look at the Study Correct Answers area first.

Study Correct Answers

After you select a section to study it will give you a list of all the questions in that area.

Let’s look at the question first

The first thing in the question area is the question number followed by the actual question itself.

Four possibly answers are listed after that, with the correct answer highlight in green. Reading only the correct answer is something that I tell my students when I am giving a class. If you read all of them, it could get you confused.

If you read only the correct answer, then when you are taking a test it is easier to spot the correct answer because that is all you read and it doesn’t matter if the correct answer is C when you are studying and A when you take he test, you will still recognize it.

As a test administrator, we are allowed to change only the order that the answers are listed on the test. We CAN NOT change the wording in either the question or the answers.

Take Section Quiz

After you have studied a section for a while you can tack a section only quiz on just that section. To do this, simply go into Tale Section Quiz and then select the section you want to take from the list.

This will give you the same questions that you studied in that section but the answers may be in different order and the correct answer will not be highlighted in green.

However, when you select an answer, if it is not the correct one, it will highlight in red prompting you to select a different answer. Once you select the correct answer, it will briefly highlight in green and then move on to the next question.

Once you complete the quiz, your results will pop up like the picture above. On this screen you will see your score for the quiz you just took, as well as all the questions that you got a wrong answer on. Each question that you missed will be listed along with how many wrong attempts you made. You can then click on that question from the list and look at the question again with the correct answer highlighted.

Take A Sample Test

When you are ready to attempt a full test, select the Take Sample Test option. This will give you a full test covering each section and a full 35 questions.

When taking a sample test, if you select a wrong answer, it will not highlight the wrong answer in red and let you try again. Once you have answered all 35 questions, you will see your results of it with a list of all the questions you got wrong. Again you can click on then question to look at it with the correct answer highlighted in green.

Past Results and Recommendations

In this area you can review past quizzes and test that you have taken and what you made on them. As well as view a graph on your scores.

The bottom section of this screen allows you to look at both the questions you have answered as well as groups scores from quizzes.

When you goto into the review questions area, you will see something like this:

Here you will see a list of questions that you have answered with a list of how many times you have gotten it right and wrong.


Overall, I think this app is a great app to get if you are studying for you Ham License. I did find a couple bugs in it but it doesn’t affect the functionality of it or your ability to study.

I give this app a 4.9 star rating.

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73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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