HamRadioLicenseExam.com Review


Hey everybody welcome back to Everything Ham Radio! In today’s review video we are going to be talking about the HamRadioLicenseExam.com

This website is different from others ones that I have reviewed in the past because this one is a paid site rather than a free one. More than that though, this website is a ham radio course rather than just a list of questions and answers.

The course is designed in such a way that you can study for all three License classes at the same time and take all three tests in one sitting. Each license class builds on the one prior to it, the General builds on the Technician and the extra class builds on the General class.

you can pick and choose what topics you want to study. This will allow you to pick your weakest areas and only study them. I recommend only doing this once you have gone through all the material and you are coming up to your testing date and want to make sure you have everything learned.

Under the View Course Page it will give you an outline or overview of the entire course. You can click on individual questions on this list to look at them manually if you would like.

This screen is a good if you are using this website in conjunction with an in person class you are giving. You could break these sections down into modules, one for each week of your class and touch on this in that module for that week but do it in a way that is more interesting or fun than just going over the questions.

As you go through the study portion you will get questions that you can answer. Then if you are incorrect it will show you why you are incorrect.

If you click on the View Text button you will see a further explanation as to why the correct answer is correct.


When I made the recordings for the video review, the sale they were having ended on 3/31/2019, but I just noticed that they have extended the sale through the end of April! So if you are wanting to get your license or upgrade, now is a great time to do it, if you would like to use this system.

Free Extra Class Course For VEs

Don’t wait any longer to get your Extra class license if you are a Volunteer Examiner! If you are a General or Advanced class licensee and are an active member on a VE team, you can get the extra class course for free from HamRadioLicenseExams.com!

The only requirements are:

  • Be a General or Advanced Class Ham
  • Be an active member on a VE team. You have to provide a copy of your VE creditals
  • Have assisted in three testing sessions within the past year.

For more information, check out this page!


Over all, I really like this site! I think the method that it uses is very well thought out and I really love the fact that you can study for all three classes of license at the same time and are taught in such a way that each level builds on the one lower.

You could easily go from nothing to an Extra class operator in one sitting with only 30 hours of study time!

Over all, I give this site a 5 star rating! I know there are lots of other people that agree with me as well! They have 760 reviews on Eham.net and of those 739 of them gave this site 5 stars!

Until next time…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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