Modified Digital QST App Now Available for Apple iOS Users


Hey everybody and welcome back to Everything Hamradio. I saw something that I kind of liked today on the ARRL news feed.

Have you ever heard someone raving about an article they read in the latest QST magazine but you are not a member of the ARRL? Up until now(I believe) you were out of luck unless your friend would let you borrow their copy.

If you have an iOS device, you can download the updated QST app from the App Store and you don’t need to be a member anymore to take read the magazine.

Before you jump for joy or get upset because you are paying your ARRL dues and get the magazine with your membership, it’s not for free.

The new version of the QST app on iOS allows you to purchase individual copy of the digital version of QST Magazine. Honestly, I don’t know why the ARRL hasn’t done this before.

You can purchase an individual copy of an issue for $6.99. Granted if you buy every issue it will cost you over $80 so it would be cheaper to just join the ARRL and get it included with your membership plus all the other stuff that comes with it.

Below is the official notice from the ARRL:


Apple has released a new app for digital QST (version 5.1) readers that use that platform. A long-standing problem involved the inability of some Apple iOS app users to download digital QST issues to their devices. When they attempted to do so, the app crashed. The new app is now available on the Apple iTunes store. Apple also required ARRL to create a new version of the app that allows non-members to purchase individual issues of the QST digital edition.

“Members must update their digital QST apps for the changes to take effect,” QST Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY, explained. “This entails tapping the App Store icon, and then tapping Updates from the store menu. They may have to log in the after the update, but should not have to log in after that.

The updated app will be a so-called “in-app purchase” version, which Apple requires ARRL and other publishers to use. “You might think of it as an electronic newsstand. It will allow non-members to purchase single issues of QST for $6.99,” Ford said.

Android and Kindle users and those who view digital QST on desktop or laptop computers will not be affected by this change. Android and Kindle users do not need to update their apps.

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