State Of The Hobby Survey – 2019


Dustin, N8RMA, has done it again.

In 2017, Dustin was browsing through Reddit and saw several people doing surveys on different aspects of the hobby. It was then that he decided to do one of his own, but make it broader.

The State of the Hobby Survey was born. In 2017, he had 688 responses to his survey. He broke down the results and wrote a great blog post telling the rest of us what the results was in laymens terms.

In 2018, he did it again. This time he had 2919 responses, that is a 324% increase over 2017. Funny enough though, only 6.85% of the ones that took the survey in 2018 took it in 2017!

This year he is doing it again, but he is extending the answer time to the full month of March. That is a full 31 days to answer a survey about the hobby that will take you 10-15 minutes to answer. So why don’t you head over there right now and take the survey?

You don’t have the link? Well, here it is.

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