Steve Morgan, W4NHO, Re-elected Section Manager For Kentucky


Hello everybody and welcome back to Everything Hamradio! In today’s post we are going to be talking about Robert Morgan, W4NHO. He actually goes by Steve though.

Steve Morgan, W4NHO
Steve Morgan, W4NHO

Steve was first licensed in 1969 as WN4NHO. His first station consisted of a Heath DX60B transmitter and a Hammarlund HQ-170 receiver. In 1979 he upgraded to General as WB4NHO. In 1997, he dropped the B in his callsign and got the vanity call W4NHO.

Steve’s activity in amateur radio includes traffic handling in KY and 9RN, ragchewing on CW and PSK31.

His current station is a Kenwood TS-480sat and a Icom 738 backup. Current antennas are a Mosley TA-33 @ 40 ft; G5RV and DOUBLET inverted vee at 35 ft. My SKCC# is 9443; FIST # 16380.

Steve has served the ARRL as a EC, DEC, OO, SEC and SM for KY, Asst. Dir for Great Lakes Div and I am a life member. He is also a local CERT volunteer for Daviess Co.

Steve has volunteered with the American Red Cross and traveled in many different states including KY, IN,MS, WVA, TX, OK, TN, AZ, NY and the Virgin Islands. He helps the ARC with computers and communications with a little damage assessment thrown in there too. He spent almost 2 months in NYC after 911 and it was a very enjoyable experience but don’t want to repeat it.

Steve has other hobbies which include traveling with my wife and flying. He hold a priviate pilots license. However, due to economic conditions he doesn’t fly any more.

He also enjoys playing in the community band and my church orchestra – serving the Lord.

He is active on 80 through 10 meters on CW and PSK31 and SSB contacts with Special Event Station when available. He enjoy ragchewing with anyone and hopes that he can be your next contact. 

On April 1, 2017, Steve assumed the duties as KY Section Manager for ARRL and was re-Elected this year and will continue to serve for the next term.

Kentucky Section pages:

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