Who Is The Arizona Section Manager?


Hey everybody and welcome back to Everything Ham Radio. This year there was two people that was running for the Arizona Section manager position. One was Richard Paquette, W7RAP, the current Arizona section manager and his opponent was Virgil Silhanek, K7VZ.

So who won the election?

Richard A. Paquette, W7RAP, of Tucson, was re-elected to a second term with 817 votes to 502 votes for his opponent Virgil Silhanek, K7VZ, of Phoenix.

Who is Richard Paquette?

Rick (W7RAP) has been a Radio Amateur since 1975  and holds an Amateur Extra class license. He retired as Design Manager at Hughes/(Raytheon) in 2007.

He has served as ARRL  Section Manager since 2017, as Assistant Section Manager from 2011 through 2017, and as an ARRL VE team lead since 1998. He is a certified VE Team Lead with the ARRL, W5YI, and Laurel VECs. For over Twenty Years he has led VEC teams, conducting test sessions at AZ State Conventions and Hamfests.  

He has been making ARRL presentations at hamfests and club activities throughout Arizona since 2004. He is an ARRL registered License Instructor as well as one of Gordon West’ s (WB6NOA) certified Instructor/Elmers. He participates with Gordo in making presentations at Arizona Hamfests.

Rick is past President of the General Dynamics Ham Club and Catalina Radio Club. He is currently a member of several Amateur organizations:  CADXA, SARBA, CARBA, Kachina,  and the Cactus System. He has been an AMSAT member,  ARES qualified in 1990 and was RACES certified in 1993.  He is also a former ARCA representative.

Rick has been mentoring young Arizona Hams for years, and wants to boost the number of Arizona Amateurs and get more of them involved in ARRL activities throughout the state.

He maintains a linked UHF Remote Base repeater at his home in Oro Valley, and a Repeater and APRS Digipeater on Greens Peak.

He participates daily in HF Nets , UHF Nets and D-Star.  Meet him on 3.933 MHz any evening at 5:30 PM.

Rick works with the ARRL-Arizona team to effect legislation to benefit Hams across the state.  We are currently working on getting a  statewide “Distracted Driving” law enacted that exempts “FCC Federally licensed operators”.

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