State Of The Hobby 2019 Survey Results!


The 2019 State Of The Hobby Survey Results Are In!!!

There was a pretty good response this year, topping the total of last year by about 30%. The two graphs below show the response rate and times and the total number of people that responded to the survey.

Just like last year, there was a lack of people that took the survey last year that took it this year. This kind of baffles me that there wasn’t more people that have taken the survey in the past that took it this year as well. Maybe they just didn’t see it or something.

The age statistics that this survey shows this year and every year in the past is that more than half of the people that responded to this survey are over the age of 55! I’m hoping that this is because younger hams are not seeing the survey or something.

However, I am afraid that even though this survey is only a small portion of the total hams in the world, the results are fairly accurate.

We need to fix this and start getting younger hams involved in this hobby or we will slowly start to die as a hobby.

Over half, 53% to be exact, hold a Amateur Extra Class License.

Even though there is such a high number of Extra Class licensees, or even taking it one step further and include the General Class licensee totaling 77%, only about 44% of those that responded can send or copy Morse code!

I understand that Morse code hasn’t been a requirement for general and above for over 10 years, but it still surprises me to an extent.

The overall average number of years that people have been licensed in this survey is about 30 years and have been active about 20 of those.

If spouses or family members are involved in the hobby as well, not of these numbers increase. However, being a member of a ham club, seems to have the opposite affect on the average.

While the average years licensed remains the same, the years active drops to to just shy of 19 years. So my question is, are club politics, cliques, or inactivity causing a drop off in being active?

This year the top five bands used changed slightly. Last year the top five was 40M, 20M, 2M, 70cm, and 80M. This year 20M and 2M switched spots in the top 5

When asked about things that are affecting the hobby the top answer was operator base “aging out”. This answer took the number one spot on both issues affecting the hobby and largest perceived issue

The second largest issue was HOAs. While this was not the second largest perceived issue, it did come in at the number four slot.

Even though HOAs came in at the number two slot on issues facing the hobby, there was a large amount of people that said that they have not been affected by an HOA themselves. This leads me to believe that Issues with HOAs are more of a perceived issue over a full blown issue.

The last thing I wanted to touch on in this blog post is the amount of money spent on amateur radio equipment.

These numbers just amaze me! The average spent over the past 12 months is $1,656.23 and the average anticipated spending is $3,805.05 in the next 12 months.

While these number blow my mind themselves, look at the totals of those that responded absolutely amazes me! In the past 12 months, $6,012,110 was spent on amateur radio equipment with a potential for $13,507,921 being spent over the next 12 months!!

Remember that this number is only representing the less than 4000 hams that answered this survey!! Can y’all imagine the total amount for every ham in the world? WOW!

Make sure you head over to the State of the Hobby website to see the results for the entire survey. These are just a few of the questions and my thoughts on them.

Until next time y’all…

73 de Curtis, K5CLM

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