Field Day And Social Media


In this video give a shout out to the New North Texas Section Manager and his command staff. They are doing an awesome job and are very active on Facebook.

Field Day is coming up this weekend.

If you are attending a field day site or just working from your home, I would love to hear from you. Where are you at and what category are you running. Post a picture of your field day site on this post and let me see your setup.

Also make sure you share any picture that you post with the hashtag #ARRLFD. If everyone does this, the hashtag will start trending and new big news media will take notice and we might get some big news coverage so hashtag away y’all!!

I will be visiting at least one field day site this Saturday, hopefully I’ll get to a second one too but we will have to see. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel( I will be going live on Saturday while I am there.

Maybe I will even be able to talk to some of y’all on the air!

73 and have a great field day!

Curtis, K5CLM

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