Tape Measure J-Pole Antenna


This year, I visited the Hood County Amateur Radio Club Field Day Site and had a great time. They operated four stations, two voice stations, one full power and one QRP, a CW station and a FT-8 station.

Last week, I posted a couple videos on Youtube about my visits at the Johnson County FD Site and the Hood County ARC FD Site. Check out my YouTube channel to check out those videos.

While I was at the Hood County Site, I visited with Scot, KG5RKX, who was operating the QRP station. Both his HF radio and a dual band radio that he had set up were operating on antennas that he built himself. One of which was a dual band Tape Measure J-Pole.

Check out the video to see a general overview of the antenna. Later I might make a build video of how to make an antenna like this so make sure you subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel so you don’t miss it.

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